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At first, this might look a little complex, but on closer inspection, it is actually quite straightforward. A nested loop from 0 3 on the x- and y-axes is set up. This, as you might have guessed, is used to manage the 4 4 array for the images themselves. The Image and Canvas arrays used to store the blocks are one-dimensional arrays with 16 elements each (because less memory and code are used to store them this way). So, to figure out how to map a two-dimensional ix, iy coordinate to a one-dimensional array, you need the following calculation:
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EXEC dbo.SalesRunningSum;
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Remote access policy. On the answering router or the Internet Authentication Service (IAS) server that is acting as a RADIUS server to the answering router, to specify connection parameters that are specific to demand-dial connections, create a separate remote access policy that uses the WindowsGroups attribute set to the group that has all the user accounts for calling routers as members. A separate remote access policy for demand-dial connections is not required. A calling router does the following:
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Adding the .NET Framework 3.0 Feature
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The code that would run behind the scenes looks like this (don t run it):
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As already indicated, a chart does not have to be based on a related data range, but can instead contain information jointly displayed from different sources that don t have much in common with each other . You can set and edit the particular references to source areas individually and also if the entire data source is a complete table block, as in the worksheets of the 0101_BasicSamples.xlsx sample file . See Figure 1-25: Note You will learn how to deal with the individual features (for example, how to go to the Select Data Source dialog box displayed in Figure 1-25) in the Basic Techniques section . Chart Data Range The Chart Data Range is the reference to all chart data, not just to the numbers but also to the data from which the Axis Labels, Legend, and possibly Chart Title are created .
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A nested type is a member
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Your personal character directly affects your ability to write computer programs. The characteristics that matter most are humility, curiosity, intellectual honesty, creativity and discipline, and enlightened laziness. The characteristics of a superior programmer have almost nothing to do with talent and everything to do with a commitment to personal development.
The database trace listener uses a text formatter to format the output, and so you can edit the template used to generate the log message to suit your requirements. You can also add extended properties to the log entry if you wish. In addition, as with all trace listeners, you can filter log entries based on their severity if you like. The Log table in the database contains columns for only the commonly required values, such as the message, event ID, priority, severity, title, timestamp, machine and process details, and more. It also contains a column named FormattedMessage that contains the message generated by the text formatter. Using the Database Trace Listener The example, Sending log entries to a database, demonstrates the use of the database trace listener. The code is relatively simple, following the same style as the earlier example of creating a Dictionary of extended properties, and then using the Write method of the LogWriter to write two log entries. The first log entry is created by the LogWriter from the parameter values provided to the Write method. The second is generated in code as a new LogEntry instance by specifying the values for the constructor parameters. Also notice how easy it is to add additional information to a log entry using a simple Dictionary as the ExtendedProperties of the log entry.
15. Remoting // local member to initialize the remoting system InitRemoteServer(); DoRemoteSummation(new CountServer()); } private void InitRemoteServer() { RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownClientType( typeof(CountServer), "http://localhost:20172/CountServer"); } private void DoRemoteSummation(CountServer p_server) { // send some numbers to be added to the total CountState x_state = p_server.SumNumbers(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); // print out the total Console.WriteLine("Sum: {0}", x_state.GetTotal()); } static void Main(string[] args) { new CountClient(); } }
// The following line displays "System.Byte". Console.WriteLine(Enum.GetUnderlyingType(typeof(Color)));
<%@ page language="C# %> <%@ import namespace="System.Data %> <%@ implements interface="System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler %> <script language="javascript"> function UpdateEmployeeViewHandler(result, context) { // The result is presented as a comma-separated string var obj = result.split( , ); e_ID.innerHTML = obj[0]; e_FName.innerHTML = obj[1]; e_LName.innerHTML = obj[2]; e_Title.innerHTML = obj[3]; e_Country.innerHTML = obj[4]; e_Notes.innerHTML = obj[5]; } </script> <script runat="server"> public virtual string RaiseCallbackEvent(string eventArgument) { // Get more info about the specified employee int empID = Convert.ToInt32 (eventArgument); EmployeesManager empMan = new EmployeesManager(); EmployeeInfo emp = empMan.GetEmployeeDetails(empID); // Pack the data into a string string[] buf = new string[6]; buf[0] = emp.ID.ToString (); buf[1] = emp.FirstName; buf[2] = emp.LastName; buf[3] = emp.Title; buf[4] = emp.Country; buf[5] = emp.Notes; return String.Join( ,", buf); } void Page_Load (Object sender, EventArgs e) { // Populate the drop-down list EmployeesManager empMan = new EmployeesManager(); DataTable dt = empMan.GetListOfNames(); cboEmployees.DataSource = dt; cboEmployees.DataTextField = lastname"; cboEmployees.DataValueField = employeeid"; cboEmployees.DataBind(); // Prepare the Javascript function to call string callbackRef = GetCallbackEventReference(this, document.all[ cboEmployees ].value", UpdateEmployeeViewHandler", null", null ); // Bind the callback to a client button buttonTrigger.Attributes["onclick"] =
The MIN function in row 12 The MEDIAN function in row 13 The MAX function in row 14
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