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In this practice, you create a webpage and enable partial-page updates. You also add support for notifying the user when the application connects to the server. Finally, you add a Timer control to periodically update a second portion of your page.
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Managing Security and Information Access
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Legacy Mode and Keyboard Support
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Even if you called your statistics class Sadistics instead, you probably need a few of SharePoint s statistical functions in your work with lists. Let s say you ve created an inventory of logo wear items that employees can purchase from the company. The list, shown in Figure 5-2, displays how many items are in stock for each product in each of five sizes. The Total column uses the SUM function, discussed earlier under math functions. The column to the right of Total uses the AVERAGE function to show you the average number of each item you have. The Min and Max columns point to how low the inventory is in one area and how high it is in another. The Count column tells you how many different sizes you have available for each item.
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The value of nameString will be
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1. Create a new template file named customer_login.tpl in the presentation/templates folder, and add the following code to it: {* customer_login.tpl *} {load_customer_login assign="customer_login"} <div class="left_box" id="login_box"> <p>Login</p> <form method="post" action="{$customer_login->mCustomerLoginTarget|prepare_link:"https"}"> {if $customer_login->mLoginMessage} <span class="error_text"> {$customer_login->mLoginMessage} </span> <br /> {/if} <span>E-mail address:</span><br />
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This generates the following output, shown here in abbreviated form:
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described below will affect several elements of your chart simultaneously . If you then change the format of some of the individual elements, and later go back and change the overall formatting style of the chart, your individual changes will be overwritten .
Partitions and Volumes
IF COLUMNS_UPDATED() & 30 /* 00011110 binary */ = 0 RETURN; -- Not allowed to update result IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM inserted) AND EXISTS(SELECT * FROM deleted) AND UPDATE(result) BEGIN RAISERROR('Not allowed to update result.', 16, 1); ROLLBACK; RETURN; END DECLARE @key @in_arg1 @in_arg2 @in_arg3 @out_result @comp @params
Figure 4-3 Options on the Compatibility tab of a program shortcut s properties dialog box might enable some older programs to run in Windows Vista.
Opening up a working system is more like opening up a human brain and replacing a nerve than opening up a sink and replacing a washer. Would maintenance be easier if it was called Software Brain Surgery Gerald Weinberg
Figure 11-2. Example of a storyboard In the storyboard in Figure 11-2, three objects are represented: a circle, a small rectangle, and a large rectangle. At the start of the storyboard s timeline, all three objects are on the left side of the document. After 2 seconds, the circle and smaller rectangle start to move toward the right side of the document. The larger rectangle starts to change its background from white to black. At 4 seconds into the timeline, the circle and the smaller rectangle will have reached the right side of the document. At that time, the
Many standard meeting rooms feature uorescent lights and ordinary tables, but with inexpensive lighting tools, you can change the atmosphere of the room to remove the distractions of a shabby presentation environment. For example, a simple way to light up the presentation environment is with a gobo, which is a partial screen with the cutout of a pattern that s placed over a light. When you turn on the light, it projects the image of the pattern onto a surface. You could use a gobo to project a subtle pattern to cover up an uneven wall or to add a soft color to make glaring lights less obvious. As with all of the visuals you ve prepared for the presentation, any visual effects should be transparent and never distract from the message. If you ve got gobo, or any other special lighting, keep in mind that people should remember the message and not the lighting.
Remember, the site that contains the answering router must always have an always-on link to the Internet. To keep the costs of the remote site communications down, you should consider using one-way initiation so that only pertinent traffic originating from the remote site can activate the link.
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