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Making Headlines Beyond Bullet Points
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This is the timer discussed in the previous section, and it is the best timer to use when you want to perform periodic background tasks on a thread pool thread .
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Figure 7-5 By right-clicking a heading in Details View and choosing More, you can add, remoe, or rearrange headings.
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This is the fourth chapter in a series about retrieval features of SQL. It is a logical continuation of s 4, 5, and 8. First, we revisit subqueries, beginning with an introduction to the three operators ANY, ALL, and EXISTS. These operators allow you to create a special relationship between main queries and subqueries, as opposed to using the IN operator or standard comparison operators. You will also learn about correlated subqueries, which are subqueries where some subquery clauses refer to column expressions from the main query. In Sections 9.2 and 9.3, we will look at subqueries in query components other than the WHERE clause: the SELECT and the FROM clauses. In Section 9.4 we will discuss the WITH clause, also referred to as subquery factoring, which allows you to define one or more subqueries in the beginning of your SQL commands, and then to reference them by name in the remainder of your SQL command. We continue with hierarchical queries. Relational tables are essentially flat structures, but they can represent hierarchical data structures; for example, by using foreign key constraints referring to the primary key of the same table. The MGR column of the EMPLOYEES table is a classic example of such a hierarchical relationship. Oracle SQL supports explicit syntax to simplify retrieval of hierarchical data structures. The next subject we investigate is analytical functions. Within the context of a single row (or tuple variable), you can reference data in other rows and use it for comparisons and calculations. Finally, this chapter discusses a helpful Oracle SQL feature allowing you to travel back in time: flashback queries.
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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Table 9-10. Explosion of Part 5, with Aggregated Parts
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Security Essentials
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SET SHOWPLAN_XML ON; GO SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20060101'; GO SET SHOWPLAN_XML OFF;
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Project Size (in Lines of Code) Smaller than 2K 2K-16K 16K-64K 64K-512K 512K or more
null FeedbackToMsgBox null
Consider using safety counters If you have a program in which an error would be catastrophic, you can use safety counters to ensure that all loops end. Here s a C++ loop that could profitably use a safety counter:
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(ATA), became the standard on the personal computer. However, IDE never made serious inroads into the server market, because although it was fast for single tasks, it lacked the inherent multitasking support and bus mastering that a server disk interface technology required, and there were no real hardware RAID solutions that supported it. Avoid it on your server except as secondary storage. Recently, the introduction of Serial ATA (SATA) technology has made serious inroads into the lower end of the server marketplace. With SATA RAID controllers built into many motherboards, and standalone SATA RAID boards that support eight or more SATA drives and have substantial battery-backed RAM cache onboard, many low- to mid-range servers are nding SATA RAID solutions to provide a cost-effective alternative to SCSI. Although most SATA RAID controllers lack the ability to hot-swap a failed drive and generally don t have the ultimate performance potential of SCSI or Serially Attached SCSI (SAS), they are still quite attractive alternatives where cost is a primary factor. SATA also makes sense as secondary or near-line storage for a server. The new kid on the block, however, is SAS. This is the most interesting addition to the server storage equation in quite a while. Using the same thin cables and connectors as SATA, with none of the con guration nuisance of traditional SCSI, SAS is de nitely the way to go. When combined with new 2.5-inch drives, the ability to
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