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to your class, the compiler and the CLR will assume that your attribute can be applied to all targets, can be applied only once to a single target, and is inherited . These assumptions mimic the default field values in the AttributeUsageAttribute class .
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If you want to specify your own value for the third parameter but use the default for the second, specify the DEFAULT keyword for the second parameter:
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Once you close the Welcome view, you ll be presented with the Workbench showing the default Java perspective as shown in Figure 2-3. The Workbench is the top-level component of Eclipse; it is the main window and shows one perspective at a time. A perspective is a window divided into several sections used for viewing and editing a resource in your workspace. The Eclipse Java perspective is where we will spend most of your time as a Java developer. Eclipse provides several built-in perspectives tailored for Java development, debugging, version control with CVS, resource management and plug-in development among others. Based on certain operations (like running a Java class in debug mode) Eclipse will automatically switch perspectives for you. You can also switch perspectives by selecting Window Open Perspective and selecting a perspective. As you can see from Figure 2-3, a perspective is composed of one or more views and an editor pane. In Figure 2-3 we have the Package Explorer view on the left side, which gives you a Java Package-centric view of your projects; to the right we have the empty editor pane, and on the far right there s the Outline view. On the lower half of the right side, the Problems view is displayed.
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3 Transform Claims
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General Advice for Dealing with Stop Errors
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Certtmpl.msc Comexp.msc Compmgmt.msc Devmgmt.msc Dhcpmgmt.msc Diskmgmt.msc Dnsmgmt.msc Domain.msc Dsa.msc Dssite.msc Eventvwr.msc Fsmgmt.msc Fsrm.msc Gpedit.msc Gpmc.msc Gpme.msc Gptedit.msc Lusrmgr.msc Napclcfg.msc Nps.msc Perfmon.msc Pkiview.msc Rrasmgmt.msc Remoteprograms.msc Rsop.msc Secpol.msc Servermanager.msc Services.msc Storagemgmt.msc Storexpl.msc Tapimgmt.msc
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You might think that the high road would be to develop better mental abilities so that you wouldn t need these programming crutches. You might think that a programmer who uses mental crutches is taking the low road. Empirically, however, it s been shown that humble programmers who compensate for their fallibilities write code that s easier for themselves and others to understand and that has fewer errors. The real low road is the road of errors and delayed schedules.
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11. XML Processing // Set the validation event handler for the schema collection sCol.ValidationEventHandler += new ValidationEventHandler(ValidationCallBack); // Cache a schema in the schema collection sCol.Add("urn:mynamespace","myschema.xsd"); } // Create handler for validation events public static void ValidationCallBack(object sender, ValidationEventArgs args) { Console.WriteLine("Schema error : " + args.Exception.Message); } }
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UPDATE ManufacturingProc
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Table 2-2. Counters of the Optimizer Event for the Statement from Listing 2-1
Customizing MSBuild
21 ASP.NET and WPF Content
In our example, this returns the value 10 . Element 2 with element 3 integrated:
Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP
for details on the amount of coding for projects of various sizes, see Activity Proportions and Size in Section 21.2.
Before you create an ActiveX control, I want to make you aware of one hard-to-avoid issue with these objects, which you may encounter on your first attempt: the possibility of generating VBA program source code by mistake . This can be very annoying, but, as you ll soon see, doesn t pose a serious problem .
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