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In SQL Server, large values are stored using data types such as text, ntext, and image. SQL Server 2005 also lets you store large values in varchar, nvarchar, and varbinary columns. In fact, these data types can contain up to 2^31-1 bytes. This allows for a unified programming model for regular and large values. In ADO.NET 1.x and 2.0, you can use the GetChars and GetBytes methods on the SqlDataReader class to improve application performance (but only if you create the reader using the SequentialAccess command behavior). When you work sequentially, the data reader doesn t cache the currently selected record, but it lets you freely move the cursor. This lets you optimize your code when you re using large objects. However, you can t, for example, move back to the second field after you access the fourth field. This limitation doesn t exist in the default scenario because the entire record is cached.
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Logging Firewall Activity
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This section describes the reading program that a software developer needs to work through to achieve full professional standing at my company, Construx Software. The plan described is a generic baseline plan for a software professional who wants to focus on development. Our mentoring program provides for further tailoring of the generic plan to support an individual s interests, and within Construx this reading is also supplemented with training and directed professional experiences.
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of the URL from your web site (e.g., www.example.com) instead of an address that starts with ftp. Also, your FTP login will be the same username and password that you selected when you initially created the Go Daddy site.
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In the Tasks pane, click Add Multiple User Accounts to launch the wizard. On the rst page (Figure 9-10), choose the user role these accounts will be based on and then click Add.
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A. Global.asax B. Application Web.config c. Machine.config D. Root Web.config
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<h2>How would you rate this book </h2> <asp:bulletedlist runat="server id="Feedback displaymode="LinkButton" onclick="OnRate > <asp:listitem value="5">Outstanding</asp:listitem> <asp:listitem value="4">Excellent</asp:listitem> <asp:listitem value="3">Great</asp:listitem> <asp:listitem value="99">More than I can say...</asp:listitem> </asp:bulletedlist>
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Enter the location for the shared folder as shown in Figure 10-2. If you don t know the exact address, click the Browse button. When the location is speci ed, click Next.
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For the most part, the tools for managing user accounts work the same in all Windows Vista editions . The core Control Panel application for managing user accounts works slightly differently in the business editions compared with the home editions; Ultimate works like the business editions when joined to a domain, like the home editions otherwise . We point out the differences, which are relatively unimportant . Some accountmanagement tasks are most easily performed with a console called Local Users and Groups; it s not available in the Home Basic and Home Premium editions . All these tasks can be performed with one or more other tools, however, and we describe each one in this chapter . We also mention a handful of policies you can use to lock down accounts using Local Security Policy; again, it s not available in the Home Basic and Home Premium editions . None of these policies is critical, especially in a home environment .
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Internally, the WaitHandle base class has a SafeWaitHandle field that holds a Win32 kernel object handle . This field is initialized when a concrete WaitHandle-derived class is constructed . In addition, the WaitHandle class publicly exposes methods that are inherited by all the derived classes . Every method called on a kernel-mode construct represents a full memory fence . WaitHandle s interesting public methods are shown below (some overloads for some methods are not shown):
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Authorizing Remote Access Connections 10-45
CAS allows administrators to easily assess the security requirements of an assembly, allowing an informed decision to be made when determining the level of trust to grant an application or library. CAS allows programmers to tailor the behavior of an assembly to work within a security policy by requesting optional permissions; for example, a CD player can provide song lists to the user, but only if the security policy allows Internet connections to be made so that the player can look up the CD details. CAS allows programmers to protect their code against subversion; assemblies that never need access to a protected resource can be written to ensure that the code isn't tricked into performing a task that wasn't intended by a programmer.
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Important These objects contain a bit less than full dependency information they give you
If the site-to-site VPN connection is persistent (always active), you can also configure IP routing protocols such as RIP or OSPF to operate over the VPN connection. So you thought that making the decision to use dynamic routing protocols was going to be easy Well there is bad news and good news: The bad news is that you have more decisions to make on which dynamic routing protocol to use for your routing infrastructure. The good news is that there are only a few options to choose from and each has its benefits and caveats. Let s take a look at each option and discuss where each one is or is not appropriate for your VPN implementation.
Bad! Better!
Error Guessing
If you d rather display the totals at the bottom of the list, you can edit the page in Microsoft FrontPage, Tip
If there are no existing comments, the Comments link will state Be the first one to comment on this article. Clicking that link will take you directly to the comment editor, as shown in Figure 8-15. You can see that the editor supports basic formatting. Like the Jambook extension, AkoComment supports CAPTCHA image generation to prevent automated spam programs from entering a comment.
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