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FIGURE 9-1 Starting and stopping services
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You enable MS-CHAP v2 as the authentication protocol on both VineyardRRAS and WineryRRAS. You enable OSPF on the demand-dial interfaces. You ensure that both computers require encryption.
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Avoid type casting Avoiding type casting doesn t have anything to do with going to acting school or getting out of always playing the heavy. It has to do with avoiding squeezing a variable of one type into the space for a variable of another type. Type casting
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FIguRE 1-2 Combining managed modules into assemblies
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To manually connect, click the Connect To The Internet link to get started. The initial page of the Connect To The Internet Wizard advises you on what you need to proceed, namely: The IP address for the router you ll be connecting from The logon information necessary to connect to the router When you ve collected that information, click Next and follow these steps:
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Removed from the chart; Hidden using a specific coloring (element color = ambient color); Made transparent partially or fully by setting a color transparency between 0% and 100% . This new feature in Excel 2007 in particular, offers the chart designer many new and interesting approaches that not only affect the lovely appearance, but also help to considerably improve the value of information about visualization .
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CREATE INDEX CNUsage_Real ON dbo.CNUsage(cn.Real);
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FIGURE 7-12 Execution plan for a merge join with sort
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You can detect the end of the operation by polling or using callback functions.
Sample of Visual Basic Code Function Index() As ActionResult Dim nwd As New NorthwindDataContext() Return View(nwd.Customers.ToList()) End Function Sample of C# Code public class CustomerController : Controller { public ActionResult Index() { Models.NorthwindDataContext nwd = new Models.NorthwindDataContext(); return View(nwd.Customers.ToList()); } }
SELECT __$start_lsn, __$operation, __$update_mask, EmployeeID, FullName FROM cdc.dbo_Employees_CT ORDER BY __$start_lsn;
Of course, the site map information is just an XML file. To display this information, you need to put a navigational control on a webpage. This control can take a site map file or a SiteMapDataSource control as its data source and display information accordingly. A SiteMapDataSource control is simply a control designed to provide you with programmatic access to a site map file. This control can also be used by the navigation controls to provide a source for their data. You can use a SiteMapDataSource control by dragging it onto your page. It will automatically connect with the site map file you have defined for your site. There are a couple of attributes you can use to configure the SiteMapDataSource control. The first is ShowStartingNode. You can set this value to false if you do not want the user to see the root node in your site map file. The second is StartingNodeOffset. This is useful if you are creating a sub-navigational control and only want to show parts of the navigation. You can set this to the node at which you want to start. The following shows this control added to a page.
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <MESSAGE xmlns="http://www.triadconsulting.com" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://triadconsulting.com message.xsd"> <TO>nwight@triadconsulting.com</TO> <CC>kmontgomery@boardworks.net</CC> <FROM>gcourter@triadconsulting.com</FROM> <DATE>06/01/06</DATE> <SUBJECT>New Office Location</SUBJECT> <BODY>Where should this item appear on the meeting agenda </BODY> </MESSAGE>
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Default gateway
Setting the zone replication scope
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