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You get no output, which indicates that the trigger got the signal and aborted . When you want to clear the signal, issue the following code:
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Device Manager (Devmgmt .msc)
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However you expect to work, assume that you need a large amount of storage . If you re planning to get into movie making as a serious pastime, get the largest disk you can afford (add another disk to your system if that s an option) . That will give you the freedom to capture more of your video library and assemble the best parts into satisfactory movies . To import footage from a digital camcorder, you should have an IEEE 1394 (FireWire or iLink) interface and cable . If your computer is of recent vintage and has a built-in 1394 adapter, you re set . If not, you can buy an IEEE 1394 card and plug it into a PCI slot . To import video from an analog camera or from VHS tape, you ll need an analog capture device .
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Practice: Installing and Configuring NAT
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Logical Query Processing
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[Serializable] public sealed class Exception<TExceptionArgs> : Exception, ISerializable where TExceptionArgs : ExceptionArgs { private const String c_args = "Args"; // For (de)serialization private readonly TExceptionArgs m_args; public TExceptionArgs Args { get { return m_args; } }
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FIGURE 13-9 Selecting a printer to show in the console
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public sealed class Employee { // This property is an automatically implemented property public String Name { get; set; } private Int32 m_Age;
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Configuring and Managing Remote Access
Securing the Branch Office
Figure 8-35. Set the path parameter so that the bridge will know where to find the SMF installation.
C:\>net share Spreadsheets=C:\spreadsheets /unlimited /remark:"Budgets" Spreadsheets was shared successfully.
14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
discussed in 7 and is the address of the per-thread data block that contains the thread instance information such as the stack and COM initialization. Finally, Unfrozen indicates whether you've used the ~F (Freeze Thread) command to freeze a thread. (Freezing a thread from the debugger is akin to calling SuspendThread on that thread from your program. You'll stop that thread from executing until it is unfrozen.) A command will work on the current thread by default, but sometimes you'll want to see information about a different thread. For example, to see the registers of a different thread, you use the thread modifier in front of the R (Registers) command: ~2r. If you have multiple processes open, you can also apply the process modifier to the commands. The command |0~0r shows the registers for the first process and first thread no matter which process and thread are active. Creating Processes from the Command Window Now that you're armed with the ability to view processes and threads, I can move into some of the more advanced tricks you can perform to get processes started under WinDBG. The .CREATE (Create Process) command lets you start up any arbitrary processes on the machine. This is extremely helpful when you need to debug multiple sides of a COM+ or other cross-process application. The main parameters to .CREATE are the complete path to the process to start and any command-line parameters to that process. As when you start any processes, it's best to put the path and process name in quotation marks to avoid issues with spaces. The following shows using the .CREATE command to start Solitaire on one of my development machines: .create "e:\winnt\system32\sol.exe" After pressing Enter, WinDBG indicates that the process will be created on the next execution. What that means is that WinDBG must allow the debugger loop to spin over in order to handle the process creation notification. WinDBG has already made the CreateProcess call, but the debugger hasn't seen it yet. By pressing F5, you will release the debug loop. The create process notification comes through and WinDBG will stop on the loader breakpoint. If you use the | command to view the processes, WinDBG shows any processes started with .CREATE marked as "create," as if you started the session with that process. Attaching to and Detaching from Processes If a process is already running on the machine and you want to debug it, the .ATTACH (Attach to Process) command does the trick. In this section I'll discuss the full debugging attach. In the next section, I'll discuss the noninvasive attach in which the process does not run under a debugger loop. The .ATTACH command requires the process ID in order to perform the attach. If you have physical access to the machine the process is running on, you can look up the process ID with Task Manager, but for remote debugging, that's a little hard to do. Fortunately, the WinDBG developers thought of everything and added the .TLIST (List Process IDs) command to list the running processes on the machine. If you're debugging Win32 services, use the v parameter to .TLIST to see which services are running in which processes. The output of the .TLIST command looks like the following: 0n1544 e:\winnt\system32\sol.exe 0n1436 E:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball\pinball.exe 0n2120 E:\WINNT\system32\winmine.exe
You use URI.parse to parse a basic FTP URL, and connect to the FTP server with Net::FTP. open. Once the connection is open, you have to specify login credentials (much like the authentication credentials when using Net::HTTP) with the ftp object s login method. Then you set the connection type to be passive (this is an FTP option that makes an FTP connection more likely to succeed when made from behind a firewall the technical details are beyond the scope of this book), and then ask the FTP server to return a list of the files in the directory referenced in your URL (the root directory of the FTP server in this case). Net::FTP provides a login method that you can use against a Net::FTP object, like so: require 'net/ftp' ftp = Net::FTP.new('ftp.ruby-lang.org') ftp.passive = true ftp.login ftp.list('*') { |file| puts file } ftp.close
// create a string identical to sourceString except that the // blanks are replaced with underscores. void EditString::ConvertBlanks( char *sourceString, char *targetString ) { Assert( strlen( sourceString ) <= MAX_STRING_LENGTH ); Assert( sourceString != NULL ); Assert( targetString != NULL ); int charIndex = 0; do { if ( sourceString[ charIndex ] == " " ) { targetString[ charIndex ] = "_"; } else { targetString[ charIndex ] = sourceString[ charIndex ];
verb, which is the name of the verb being described. The most used verb is GET, which you will almost certainly want to allow. For forms to operate, you will generally also need to allow POST. A list of common applications and the required verbs for them is available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823175. allowed is set to true (the default) if you want to allow this verb; false if you want to reject it.
Isn t that much clearer Search engines think so. However, the navigation and menu content held in col1 still appears first in the code order, while col2 likely holds the most important content of your site. Since search spiders think the content that appears earlier in a web page is more important, this isn t an optimal way of organizing the site. There is a method of sorting the columns so that even though the display will match the one created with the preceding code, the col2 content will appear first in the HTML code, making it also the first text the search engine scanning program will see (and therefore on which the search engine will place the most importance). You ll learn about this technique in 12.
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