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you implement them first. Experience indicates that top-level interfaces are risky, so they are often at the top of the risk list. System interfaces, usually at the bottom level of the hierarchy, are also risky, so they re also at the top of the risk list. In addition, you might know of classes in the middle that will be challenging. Perhaps a class implements a poorly understood algorithm or has ambitious performance goals. Such classes can also be identified as high risks and integrated relatively early. The remainder of the code, the easy stuff, can wait until later. Some of it will probably turn out to be harder than you thought, but that s unavoidable. Here s an illustration of risk-oriented integration:
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Because the target time zone is three hours behind the source time zone, the function subtracts three hours from the source local time, returning the value 2009-02-12 09:30:15 . 1234567 -08:00 as output . When used with DATETIMEOFFSET inputs, the DATEDIFF function returns the difference between the UTC times represented by the inputs . If you re not aware of this behavior and therefore don t expect it, the result might be surprising . For example, consider the following code:
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Add a new webpage. In Visual Studio, from the Website menu, select Add New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, select Web Form. In this case, set the page name to Page2.aspx. Next, clear the Place Code In Separate File check box and click Add. Observe the result in Visual Studio. There should be no code-behind file for the file. Edit Page2.aspx. As you did in the previous exercise, add a Label control named TimeLabel. Create the TimeLabel.Load event handler, as you did in the previous exercise. Add the code from the previous exercise to the TimeLabel.Load event handler in the <script> section to set TimeLabel.Text to the current time. Run the page in a web browser and observe the results.
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Then run the following code to move Aaron's subtree under Sean, and examine the result tree shown in Table 9-32 to verify that the subtree moved correctly: BEGIN TRAN; EXEC dbo.usp_movesubtree @root = 7, @mgrid = 10;
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incredibly powerful mechanism that s useful at both application design time and runtime . Anyone can define and use custom attributes, and all compilers that target the common language runtime (CLR) must be designed to recognize custom attributes and emit them into the resulting metadata . The first thing you should realize about custom attributes is that they re just a way to associate additional information with a target . The compiler emits this additional information into the managed module s metadata . Most attributes have no meaning for the compiler; the compiler simply detects the attributes in the source code and emits the corresponding metadata . The .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) defines literally hundreds of custom attributes that can be applied to items in your own source code . Here are some examples:
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Observe that both NULLs reached the table . SQL Server 2008 allows you to achieve this task in an even simpler manner by using a new feature called filtered indexes . Filtered indexes are table indexes defined on a subset of rows from the base table identified by a predicate that you specify in a WHERE clause as part of the index definition, much like in a query s WHERE clause . To accomplish the task at hand, simply define a unique filtered index on keycol that filters only rows where keycol is not NULL . This way, uniqueness is enforced only for known values . To demonstrate using a filtered index to achieve the task, first drop the view you created earlier by running the following code:
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4. Add the MSU files to the mounted image file.
On the Choose A Local Or Network Printer page, select Add A Local Printer. On the Choose A Printer Port page, click Use An Existing Port, select the port that the physical printer is on, and then click Next. On the Install The Printer Driver page, choose the manufacturer name from the list on the left and the printer model from the list on the right. Click Next. Choose the version of the driver you want to use and click Next. Give the printer a descriptive name that describes its function or who uses it. Click Next. On the Printer Sharing page, provide the location and additional comments if wanted. Click Next.
Setting Security Options
As you prepare to finalize the merge operation, you are given options for sending the merged publication (see Figure 7-15). In addition to these final choices, you can determine how you want to follow up on the merge print. The follow-up options for an e-mail merge are as follows:
In an entertaining ctional story, the main character is someone an audience observes from a distance. But in a non ction BBP presentation, you write the Role statement in Act I to heighten the audience s interest by acknowledging their role here at the center
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