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In this section, the following terms were introduced: Entities and attributes Generic versus specific Occurrences and attribute values Base data and derivable data Redundancy and consistency Integrity and constraints Data modeling Methods and techniques Logical and physical design Normalization Prototyping and RAD CASE tools Semantics
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6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
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Unfortunately, bad things sometimes happen inside Web applications . If something bad has happened in one of your existing applications, you might already have seen the standard pale yellow and red ASP .NET error page . Once you deploy your application, you probably don t want clients to see this sort of page . Intercept this event (Application_Error) to handle the error . Sometimes, an exception can be managed locally . Exceptions that cannot be handled locally can be handled here .
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Table 18-6. Comparison of Graphics Members
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Microsoft ASP .NET Web Forms and XML Web Services Applications
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Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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Physical representation in tempdb Part of outer transaction/ affected by outer transaction rollback Logging and locking
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// if this is the first request, then get the user s ID TextBoxMessage.Enabled = true; TextBoxConversation.Enabled = true; ButtonAddYourMessage.Enabled = true; ButtonSubmitID.Enabled = false; TextBoxUserID.Enabled = false;
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} } > 3. Modify the admin.php file to load the newly created admin_departments componentized template: // If admin is logged, load the admin page menu $pageMenuCell = 'admin_menu.tpl'; if (isset ($_GET['Page'])) $admin_page = $_GET['Page']; // If Page is not explicitly set, assume the Departments page else $admin_page = 'Departments'; // If logging out ... if (isset ($_GET['Page']) && ($_GET['Page'] == 'Logout')) { unset($_SESSION['AdminLogged']); header('Location: admin.php'); exit; } // Choose what admin page to load ... if ($admin_page == 'Departments') $pageContentsCell = 'admin_departments.tpl'; }
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FIGURE 8-4 Clean target results
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Part II Designing Types
Range A: The four-column list contains the data to be calculated; its neat and tidy model would correspond to the Data 1 worksheet .
In Main, I m constructing an empty StringBuilder and then appending a formatted string into it . When I call AppendFormat, the first parameter is an instance of the BoldInt32s class . This class implements the IFormatProvider interface that I discussed earlier . In addition, this class implements the ICustomFormatter interface:
If we run the previous EventLogWriter example while the EventLogListener example is running, we get output similar to the following:
Some of the assumptions made are the result of implied requirements gathered from stakeholders meetings and projections about the future usage of the system. Some of these assumptions include the following: Concurrency requirements are expected to increase over time. A large percentage of attendees are technologically savvy. Applications will be accessed remotely via the Internet using a browser-based interface. The conference internal network will be protected with an HTTP firewall. A large percentage of attendees carry network-ready PDAs or other mobile computing devices.
Although the GridViewRow object holds the collection of cells, each DataControlField (column) object provides the behavior to initialize cells of a specific type in the DataControlField object s InitializeCell method. The column classes that inherit from DataControlField override the InitializeCell method. The GridView control has an InitializeRow method that is responsible for creating a new GridViewRow and the row s cells by making calls to the overridden InitializeCell method when the row is being created. The DataControlField class hierarchy is shown in Figure 12-12. The derived classes are used to create a DataControlFieldCell with the proper contents. Remember that you don t define cell types for your GridView control; you define column types and your column object supplies a cell object to the row by using the InitializeCell method. The DataControlField class hierarchy shows the different column types that are available in a GridView control.
This code, and code later in this section, assumes you have created the Data Access block Database instance named db and a DbCommand instance named cmd. Typically, when you use the ExecuteXmlReader method, you will explicitly close the connection after you dispose the reader. This is because the underlying XmlReader class does not expose a CommandBehavior property. However, you should still use the same approach as with a DataReader (a using statement) to ensure that the XmlReader is correctly closed and disposed.
Figure 11-14. The lock icon in the browser shows that the current web session is encrypted. To use SSL, the web server that hosts the web site must purchase an SSL certificate from a certificate provider (who charges a yearly fee). Most web providers offer an SSL certificate service. To install an SSL certificate on your own server, you can purchase the certificate from VeriSign (www.verisign.com). You can find instructions on activating the certificate on Apache at www.apache-ssl.org.
The designers of the FCL decided that it would be incredibly useful if any instance of any object could be placed into a hash table collection. To this end, System.Object provides a virtual 134
Note You can find listings for basic web, bot-to-bot, and text file clients in the next section of this
CHAPTER 5: Doing More with Qt
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