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Northwind Traders main office has a private intranetwork that consists of 20 subnets and 11 multihomed servers running Windows Server 2003, configured as routers. Mul tiple routes exist from any subnet to any other subnet. RIP version 2 for IP is installed on all the routers, and all router interfaces have been added to the protocol. Access between subnets is sometimes slow. Network analysis reveals a significant amount of UDP port 520 broadcast traffic. How can you reduce this traffic A. Increase the Periodic Announcement Interval setting to 300 seconds on all router interfaces. B. Disable split horizon. C. Configure the operation mode on all router interfaces to Autostatic Update. D. Increase the Time Before Routes Expire setting to 1800 seconds.
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All editions of Windows Vista include Reg.exe (sometimes called the Console Registry Tool), a command-line tool that enables you to perform registry operations without using Registry Editor. By incorporating Reg.exe commands in batch programs or scripts, you can automate registry activities, as well as take conditional actions based on the state of a local or remote registry. For example, you can query a registry value and then edit that value (or take another action) if the data meets some criterion. Virtually the entire feature set of Registry Editor is available in Reg.exe (one exception: the Export operation in Reg.exe exports Unicode .reg files only). And you can do at least one thing in Reg.exe that s impossible to do in Registry Editor: Change the data type of a key s default value. For syntax information about Reg.exe, open a Command Prompt window and type reg / . As you ll see, the tool s basic syntax is
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arguments.IsValid = true; break; } } } </script>
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5 examines how to create animations in detail, but to put it succinctly, animations occur in Silverlight whenever a property of an object changes its value over time. You can design these kinds of animations visually in a very straightforward manner by using Expression Blend and the timeline editor. One form of animation that Silverlight supports is DoubleAnimation, which is used to change numeric properties, such as the width of an Ellipse visual element. Another is ColorAnimation, which is used to change the color of the Brush property. For example, consider the Ellipse shown in Figure 2-21 (which appears as a circle because its height and width properties are equal). To visually design an animation that changes the width of this Ellipse element, add a new Storyboard that contains the animation.
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3. Check immediately whether the name has been correctly assigned . There are several ways to do this:
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Table of Contents
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The keys required for both encryption and decryption are stored in separate files, one for each key, on your machine. The full physical path and name of each key file is stored in the configuration of your application. If you move your application or key files, you must update this path. One vitally important issue you must be aware of when using encryption (both symmetric providers and some hashing algorithms) is that, if a malicious user or attacker
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Converting the IAsyncResult APM to a Task
Backing Up and Restoring the DFS Folder Targets
Table 5-11 showed that several Oracle conversion functions support an optional format (fmt) argument. These format arguments allow you to deviate from the default conversion. Table 5-12 shows most of the possibilities. Table 5-12. Conversion Functions: Optional Format Components
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Now issue an INSERT statement:
Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // Mutex functions HANDLE DD_CreateMutexA ( LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpMutexAttributes , BOOL LPCSTR ; HANDLE DD_CreateMutexW ( LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpMutexAttributes , BOOL LPCWSTR ; HANDLE DD_OpenMutexA ( DWORD BOOL HANDLE DD_OpenMutexW ( DWORD BOOL dwDesiredAccess , bInheritHandle , ) ; , ) ; bInitialOwner lpName , ) bInitialOwner lpName , )
Destination File
Figure 4-13 : The error message that appears when a variable is not declared in the source from Listing 4-3 This error message contains quite a bit more information than ASP error messages had, and it includes the section of code that produced the error, with the line in which the error occurred displayed in red. By default, this detailed error message will appear only on the machine on which the application is running. This is good default behavior because it s possible that the source code displayed could include information about database user names and passwords, or worse. So if I didn t set Explicit to true, why did I get the error message about the undeclared variable (badly reported in this example as Expected an expression ) The answer is the Web.config file. In addition to specifying Explicit and Strict on each page, Web.config provides an application-global way to configure these and other application settings. Listing 4-5 shows a simple Web.config file. Listing 4-5 Simple Web.config file, with explicit and strict set to true , eliminating the need for setting these on each Visual Basic .NET page
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