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// Set assembly's culture to Swiss German [assembly:AssemblyCulture("de-CH")]
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For ASP .NET applications, a client request comes in, a bunch of new objects are constructed, the objects perform work on the client s behalf, and the result is sent back to the client . At this point, all of the objects used to satisfy the client s request are garbage . In other words, each ASP .NET application request causes a lot of garbage to be created . Because these objects are unreachable almost immediately after they re created, each garbage collection reclaims a lot of memory . This keeps the process s working set very low, and the garbage collector s performance is phenomenal . In fact, most of an application s roots live on the thread s stack in arguments or local variables . If a thread s stack is short, it takes very little time for the garbage collector to examine the roots and mark the reachable objects . In other words, garbage collections go much faster if you avoid deeps stacks . One way to avoid a deep stack is to avoid using recursive methods .
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10 Data Binding
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Appendix F Setting Up a PPTP-based Site-to-Site VPN Connections in a Test Lab
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string [mscorlib]System.String::Concat(object, object, object)
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Figure 7-22. The Contact Manager displays the contact list, including the Linked to User column, which shows when a contact record is linked to a Joomla account.
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<properties> <add name="Age" type="System.Int32" /> </properties> </profile>
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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To open the Windows Reliability And Performance Monitor, click Start, type perfmon in the Start Search box, and press Enter. Or you can select Windows Reliability And Performance Monitor from the Administrative Tools menu.
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Managing Test Cases
Page 16
Helpful Products: The .NET Enterprise Servers
26. Code-Tuning Techniques
Adding a RemoteApp to Remote Web Workplace
Both cells therefore contain the optional text rD1.DataSource, rD2.DataSource, or rD3.DataSource. Make sure that cell L12 has rL1.Year02Sel instead of rL1.Year01Sel as in L11 . However, both formulas are identical in every other regard . The same is true of the formulas in K11:K12 .
Figure A-1: Dr. Watson UI In the Application Errors list box, select the crash you're interested in viewing and click the View button. The Log File Viewer dialog box appears as shown in Figure A-2. In Windows 2000, you'll be presented with only the application error numbers and the addresses where you crashed. For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, you'll see the process name. In the Log File Viewer dialog box, copy the text out of the edit control for the particular crash. If you'd like to get the minidump of the last crash, the Crash Dump edit control in the Dr. Watson window contains the complete path.
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