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String Methods
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If you were to assume that the newly generated trace ID is 2, you would get the following output: Trace ID: 2, Trace File: 'c:\temp\perfworkload 20060828.trc'
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Text properties as required.
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Application_Error Application_LogRequest The LogRequest event is raised when a request has been made to the application. You can use this event to write custom logging information regarding a request. Application_PostLogRequest
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Some experienced C programmers don t see the complexity in that example because it s a familiar function; they look at it and say, That s strcpy(). In this case, however, it s not quite strcpy(). It contains an error. If you said, That s strcpy() when you saw the code, you were recognizing the code, not reading it. This is exactly the situation you re in when you debug a program: The code that you overlook because you recognize it rather than read it can contain the error that s harder to find than it needs to be. The fragment shown in Listing 31-49 is functionally identical to the first and is more readable:
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To create a theme, add an App_Themes subfolder to your application. Then, for each theme in your site, add a folder. The folder s name becomes the name of your theme. Themes can contain skin files, a style sheet, graphics, and other resources. You can apply a theme at the page level, at the site level (through the Web.config file), or at the individual control level.
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Core Facilities
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In our scenario, the table that we ll use for searches is product, because that s what our visitors will be looking for. To make the table searchable using the tsearch2 module, you need to prepare the table to be searched in three steps: 1. Add a new field to the product table, which will hold the search vectors. A search vector is a string that contains a prepared (searchable) version of the data you want to be searched (such as product names and descriptions). In our case, the command will look like this (don t execute it now, we ll take care of this using an exercise): ALTER TABLE product ADD COLUMN search_vector tsvector; 2. Update the product table by adding a gist index on the newly added field. gist is the engine that performs the actual searches, and it is an implementation of the Berkeley Generalized Search Tree (find more details about gist at http://gist.cs.berkeley. edu/). The command for adding a gist index on the product table is CREATE INDEX idx_search_vector ON product USING gist(search_vector); 3. Populate the search_vector field of product with the search vectors. These search vectors are lists of the words to be searchable for each product. For HatShop, we ll consider the words that appear in the product s name and the product s description, giving more relevance to those appearing in the name. This way, if more products match a particular search string, those with matches in the name will be shown at the top of the results list. At this step, we also filter the so-called stop-words (also called noise words), which aren t relevant for searches, such as the, or, in, and so on. The following command sets the search vector for each product using the to_tsvector function (which creates the search vector) and setweight (used to give higher relevance to the words in the name): UPDATE product SET search_vector = setweight(to_tsvector(name), 'A') || to_tsvector(description);
Listing 9-4 shows an example of using the ALL operator, showing the happy few with a higher salary than all managers. Listing 9-4. ALL Operator Example select e.empno, e.ename, e.job, e.msal from employees e where e.msal > ALL (select x.msal from employees x where x.job = 'MANAGER'); EMPNO -------7788 7839 7902 ENAME -------SCOTT KING FORD JOB MSAL -------- -------TRAINER 3000 DIRECTOR 5000 TRAINER 3000
The Workspace Members task pane on the right side of the window displays team members who are currently online and the Invite To Workspace box. The workspace called the Chat pane is just below the Workspace Members pane, and can be opened and closed using the up and down arrows.
warnings to guards on power tools in the garage. Sure, you can flip up the guard and continue working, but is it worth it Probably not. Adopt a zero warnings, noexceptions policy for your code; you won t regret it. Use multiple compilers. Although C++ language compatibility has improved dramatically in the past decade, not all compilers are created equal. Some, including GCC, provide very good warnings that can help you prevent esoteric bugs. Consider using multiple compilers from different vendors if you can when you re doing crossplatform development. You can do this by using Microsoft Visual Studio for your simulator testing, and then compiling for device (which uses a different compiler), for example. Run early and run often on device. You re developing an application for mobile, and with today s tools, there s little excuse to spend all of your time in a simulator. Worse, all a simulator does is simulate; you should run your application often on hardware to explore its actual performance. The simulator is an excellent tool for rapid iteration on your user interface, but there s no replacement for actually seeing your application on a device.
Option 1 flexible and judged by eye : use the mouse to move the white cross around the color spectrum shown in the rectangle . When you release the mouse button, countless variations of the basic color selected are shown in a color col-
Table 5-4. Enum Declaration Modifier Availability
Your application may require a special, complex datatype. In that case, you would create a user-defined type.
GO CREATE TABLE dbo.T1 ( col1 INT NOT NULL, col2 VARCHAR(5) NOT NULL ); INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, dbo.T1(col1, col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) col2) VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, VALUES(0, 'A'); 'B'); 'C'); 'C'); 'C'); 'B'); 'A'); 'A'); 'C'); 'C');
If the spider report shows a thorough cataloging of your site, search engine spiders will likely have no problem crawling your site and finding all the content.
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