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When you upgrade over an existing Windows version, Setup offers to check for dynamic updates . If you have an active internet connection, be sure to take advantage of this option . Dynamic updates can include service packs, updated drivers for hardware detected on your system, and upgrade packs for programs you re currently running . Rolling these updates into Windows Setup increases the likelihood that your installed applications and devices will work with Windows Vista and ensures that you don t have to install a bunch of updates immediately after you run Windows Vista for the first time .
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Sharing a Printer Connected to a Windows XP Computer
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<P>Welcome to Example.com. Your computer has been placed in quaranti
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Using the Storyboard and Timeline to Assemble a Project
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Figure 5-1. The Template Manager allows you to set a template default or edit it. Hovering over the name of a template will display a thumbnail image of the general graphic appearance of that template. Clicking the template name will present the template configuration screen, as shown in Figure 5-2. This screen provides all of the basic details of the template, including a short template description that is retrieved from the template s XML descriptor file. Most commercial templates use the description to include both a summary and an enumeration of the screen/module positions that the template supports. Any parameters available for configuration of the template are shown in the Parameters pane. A template may be assigned to particular menu items using the list box on the right side of the screen. You can assign a template to be used for an individual menu item, multiple menu items, all unassigned articles, or none. To assign the template to all items, you need to set the template as the site default on the main Template Manager screen. Clicking the Edit HTML button will display the basic text editor (see Figure 5-3). This text editor doesn t have any advanced features like syntax highlighting or even search and replace. It was designed to allow minor adjustments and touch-ups when more direct editing is not convenient.
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1. Load pgAdmin III, and connect to the hatshop database. 2. Click Tools Query tool (or click the SQL button on the toolbar). A new query window should appear. 3. Use the query tool to execute this code, which adds the review table in your hatshop database: -- Create review table CREATE TABLE review ( review_id SERIAL customer_id INTEGER product_id INTEGER
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Exam Tip When you need to minimize name resolution traffic across WAN links without increasing zone transfer traffic, install a caching-only server.
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Web Parts support personalization. Personalization allows changes to the layout to be stored for each user so that the user sees the same layout the next time he or she goes to the page. Web Parts personalization relies on client-side cookies. It uses these cookies to look up settings in the ASPNETDB SQL Server database. Typically, when you store personalized settings, you will also want to authenticate users by using either Windows or Forms authentication. This is not required, however.
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C03620245.fm Page 91 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:25 PM
Line Charts
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The architecture for a distributed stress system is somewhat less complex than is the automation infrastructure discussed in 10, "Test Automation," but it does have some implementation challenges. Figure 11-4 shows the basic work flow for such a system.
Adding New Categories and Sections
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4. Right-click the RDP-Tcp connection and select Properties to open the RDP-Tcp
ISP T1 link Internet ISP T3 link VPN server
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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