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Figure 9.8 The Grayscale and Fade Out, To Black video effects are added to the selected video.
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28. Managing Construction
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The helper methods exposed by the FormsAuthentication class are quite useful for quickly adding authentication to an ASP.NET application. The class supplies some static methods that you can use to manipulate authentication tickets. You typically use the RedirectFromLoginPage method to redirect an authenticated user back to the originally requested URL; likewise, you call SignOut to remove the authentication ticket for the current user. Other methods and properties are for manipulating and renewing the ticket and the associated cookie.
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: This approach creates an empty root zone and makes the internal server a root server. It would then never use forwarders and would resolve only internal queries. This approach is not a solution to this problem, although it could be a cause. B. Incorrect: This approach enables IP-address-to-host-name resolution, but it does not solve the current problem. C. Correct: The DNS server is either unable to access a forwarder, or it is not configured with forwarders. One possible cause is corruption or deletion of the root hints file. Copying the sample root hints file to the root hints file could fix this problem. D. Incorrect: This approach exposes A. Datum Corporation s internal zone to attacks through the Internet.
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Even a highly secure network can be quickly compromised by a poorly secured client computer for example, a laptop running an older version of Windows with sensitive data stored on the hard drive. To maximize the security of client computers, use the following guidelines (refer to 8 and 14, Managing Computers on the Network, for more security procedures):
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If you build and run this code on January 23, 2002, at 4:37 P.M., you ll see the following line of output:
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook processes deleted records, as outlined in Table 2-1.
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Part V: Managing Types
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4 Personalization: User Profiles and Themes
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When deploying a remote networking solution, some basic features need to be addressed to provide privacy, data integrity, and connection management for facili tating controlled access to the organization s resources and information. Providing all these features is a complex process and requires the cooperative effort of several technologies. The solution must allow roaming or remote clients to connect to LAN resources, and it must allow remote offices to connect to each other to share resources and information (site-to-site connections). To ensure the privacy and integrity of data as it traverses the Internet, encryption, authentication, and authori zation technologies are required as well. The same requirements apply in the case of sensitive data traversing an organization s internetwork. To support all these requirements, a VPN solution should provide all of the following:
The rst step is to refactor the build de nition containing the customizations you want to share by extracting the shared customizations out of TFSBuild.proj into a separate MSBuild project le. For example, if you have the following customization in TFSBuild.proj:
The two parties in a Remote Assistance session are called the novice and the expert. (On some screens and in some documentation, the expert is referred to as the helper.) To use Remote Assistance, both parties must be using a Windows version that includes Remote Assistance (Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003) and both must have an active internet connection or be on the same local area network, and neither can be blocked by a firewall. To create a Remote Assistance session, the novice sends a Remote Assistance invitation, typically using an instant messenger program or e-mail. The expert then accepts the invitation and enters an agreed-upon password. Finally, the novice approves the expert s acceptance. A terminal window on the expert s computer that displays the desktop of the novice s machine then opens. The expert views the desktop in a read-only window and exchanges messages with the novice using text chat. In order to work with objects on the novice s computer, the expert must request control, and the novice must approve the request. In a slight variation of this process, the expert can initiate the Remote Assistance session, perhaps in response to a telephone plea for help from the novice. We describe both connection processes in detail in the sections that follow. At the heart of each Remote Assistance connection is a small text file called an RA ticket. (More formally, its type is Windows Remote Assistance Invitation and its extension is .msrcincident.) This file uses encrypted data in XML fields to define the parameters of a Remote Assistance connection. When you use Windows Live Messenger to manage the connection, the RA ticket is never visible. (In fact, Messenger uses a connection string that includes only part of the of the RA ticket information just enough to establish connection.) When a novice sends a Remote Assistance request via e-mail, however, the RA ticket rides along as an attachment to the message. The expert has to double-click this file to launch the Remote Assistance session. What happens next behind the scenes is the biggest improvement in the Windows Vista version of Remote Assistance: Without the use of a relay server, Remote Assistance is able to reach computers behind nearly any NAT router. It simultaneously attempts several types of connections until it finds one that works:
mm.add_NewMail(new EventHandler<NewMailEventArgs>(this.FaxMsg));
And here is the .NET version:
Check your network-attached printers, USB devices, and other items you plan to install on the server and ensure that they have digitally signed drivers. Unsigned drivers will not be installable. You can find more information in the Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Cookbook found at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/Aa480152.aspx. In the past, unsigned drivers in multi-use servers have included older print and fax drivers but, as you can see in Figure 15-1, even the installation of a new USB external hard disk that prompted the warning impacted the installation. For many organizations the driving reason for a server is an LOB database application and a messaging platform, including shared calendar. Because Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is 64-bit only, you will, by definition, have a 64-bit server as the base operating system. Exchange 2007 SP1 is fully supported on Windows Server 2008 64-bit.
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