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Introducing ASP.NET 4
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note The chomp method added to gets removes the newline characters that appear at the end of
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Naming Computers
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3. The array we require, namely the branch master data, is located in the Parameters 1 worksheet and has already been assigned the range name rP1.Branches . We now want the formulas to access this array . Press F3 to display the small Paste Name dialog box, which you ll recognize from Figure 2-20 . Double-click the required name, which is then used as the first argument in the formula . 4. Next, double-click the second argument (row_num) in the formula so that it can be overwritten . Then click in cell F12 (which contains the number 1) to use it as a reference and press F4 repeatedly until this reference has a mixed reference style (absolute column, relative row) . 5. Next, double-click the third argument (column_num) in the formula so that it can be overwritten . Then click in cell L2 (which contains the number 1) to use it as a reference and press F4 repeatedly until this reference has a mixed reference style (relative column, absolute row) . 6. Press enter to finish entering the formula . The finished formula =INDEX(rP1. Branches,$F12,L$2) (see Figure 2-27) serves as an instruction to Excel to do the following: Find the content of a cell located in an array named rP1.Branches . In this array, go down the number of rows specified in cell F12 and across the number of columns (to the right) specified in cell L2 .
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Let s have some fun and see how well you understand value types, boxing, and unboxing . Examine the following code, and see whether you can figure out what it displays on the console:
FIguRE 4-10 Employee s static Lookup method allocates and initializes a Manager object for Joe
SELECT CONVERT(CHAR(6), DATEADD(month, -11, O1.ordermonth), 112) AS frommonth, CONVERT(CHAR(6), O1.ordermonth, 112) AS tomonth, SUM(O2.val) AS totalval, COUNT(*) AS nummonths FROM dbo.MonthlyOrders AS O1 JOIN dbo.MonthlyOrders AS O2 ON O2.ordermonth BETWEEN DATEADD(month, -11, O1.ordermonth) AND O1.ordermonth GROUP BY O1.ordermonth ORDER BY O1.ordermonth;
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
Loops are complicated. Keeping them simple helps readers of your code. Techniques for keeping loops simple include avoiding exotic kinds of loops, minimizing nesting, making entries and exits clear, and keeping housekeeping code in one place. Loop indexes are subjected to a great deal of abuse. Name them clearly and use them for only one purpose. Think the loop through carefully to verify that it operates normally under each case and terminates under all possible conditions.
this.GridView1.DataSource = quotesCollection; this.DataBind();
The first decision you have to make is whether to use RIP version 1 or RIP version 2. As if the number of choices wasn t bad enough with all the options already in front of you, now you have to choose which version of the RIP protocol to use in your environment. Let s take a look at the benefits of each version:
ASP.NET Security
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