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With these important guidelines in mind, let s proceed to the trace that we need for our tuning purposes.
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In our case, there s only one query in the stored procedure, so it doesn t really matter whether you specify the RECOMPILE option at the procedure or the query level . But try to think of the advantages of this hint when you have multiple queries in one stored procedure . Note There is a certain difference between the RECOMPILE procedure option and the
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33. Personal Character
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Configuring Services
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SELECT P.partid, P.partname, PES.qty, PES.unit FROM (SELECT partid, unit, SUM(qty) AS qty FROM dbo.PartsExplosion(5) AS PE GROUP BY partid, unit) AS PES JOIN dbo.Parts AS P ON P.partid = PES.partid;
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Click Next to open the Uninstall And Reinstall Applications For Compatibility page of the Add Roles Wizard, shown in Figure 25-8. This is a good reminder that applications that have already been installed should be uninstalled and reinstalled so that they are properly multiuser aware.
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feature support. You can uncheck things you do not want, but if you uncheck something that you must have, the system will inform you that you cannot install the role in that case.
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At a command prompt, type gpupdate to update Group Policy on DC1.
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Figure 6-1 A grid of data generated using a SQL data source control bound to an instance of the new GridView control
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The second step (U2) isolates the target column values. The name of the target column that will hold the values is specified right before the FOR clause (num_custs, in our case). The target column name will contain the value from the column corresponding to the current row's category from the virtual table. The virtual table returned from this step in our example is shown in Table 1-20.
12 . . Click the hot spot and notice how the application redirects to the enlarged image, as shown in the next graphic:
by editing the site map. For example, you could edit the site map so that the Announcements entity appears in the Sales and Marketing areas in addition to the Workplace area. Refer to 12, Solutions: Client Extensions and Site Map, for more information about editing the site map.
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18 Custom Attributes
24.5 Refactoring Safely
Team Build 2008 has a comprehensive set of features that should meet the needs of almost all build automation requirements, and even if it doesn t, it is highly con gurable and extensible. Some of the key features in Team Build 2008 are as follows:
Windows 2003 Windows 2003 DHCP Server Domain Controller
Note When using hex formatting, ToString always outputs uppercase letters . In addition, the
Figure 2-32. Edit table data feature Another powerful database plug-in for Eclipse is the QuantumDB plug-in, which offers features similar to that of SQLExplorer. QuantumDB is also hosted at SourceForge and can be downloaded from http://quantum.sourceforge.net.
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