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C# s Support for Delegate Chains
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SELECT seqval + 1 AS start_range FROM dbo.NumSeq AS A WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.NumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval = A.seqval + 1) AND seqval < (SELECT MAX(seqval) FROM dbo.NumSeq);
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Using Internet Explorer 7
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Shipping Module
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-- Valid time points ALTER TABLE Production.Suppliers_During ADD CONSTRAINT DateNums_Suppliers_During_FK1 FOREIGN KEY (beginint) REFERENCES dbo.DateNums (n); ALTER TABLE Production.Suppliers_During ADD CONSTRAINT DateNums_Suppliers_During_FK2 FOREIGN KEY (endint) REFERENCES dbo.DateNums (n); GO -- M-to-M relationship between suppliers and products ALTER TABLE Production.SuppliersProducts_During ADD CONSTRAINT Suppliers_SuppliersProducts_During_FK1 FOREIGN KEY (supplierid) REFERENCES Production.Suppliers_Since (supplierid); ALTER TABLE Production.SuppliersProducts_During ADD CONSTRAINT Products_SuppliersProducts_During_FK1 FOREIGN KEY (productid) REFERENCES Production.Products (productid); GO
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FIGURE 11-10 The Disk Management warning for converting to dynamic disks
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Coloring Lines and Outlines
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When Boeing designs a new jet such as the 787 Dreamliner, they model the airplane in software, where they run millions of simulations to understand how the shape of the fuse-lage, weight of the components, position of the cockpit, and numerous other variables affect lift and fuel efficiency. When I first learned how to drive a car with a stick shift, I was horrible. For some reason, I just couldn't get the timing right between releasing the clutch and pressing the gas. Finally, someone drew a diagram for me, showing me what happened when I pressed the clutch in, and how giving the car gas interacted with the process. Amazingly, once I visualized the system, I didn't have a problem with the manual transmission anymore. I never even had a problem with "riding the clutch" the entire system made sense to me. Models help us understand how complex things work. In school, I learned basic math through models. Rather than starting directly with "9 - 4 = 5," a teacher uses a model to explain the concept, as shown in Figure 8-1.
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9: Lesson Review Answers
Examine the execution plan shown in Figure 7-3, and you will nd that the tables are accessed physically in a different order than the logical order speci ed in the query.
SID Components
Installation and Initial Con guration
Each edition of Windows SBS Server 2008 comes with ve Client Access
[Serializable] public class MyType { Int32 x, y; [NonSerialized] Int32 sum; public MyType(Int32 x, Int32 y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; sum = x + y; } [OnDeserializing] private void OnDeserializing(StreamingContext context) {
Property or Parameter Name
3 Working with Web Parts
Time Savings 38% 28% 39%
Packets Not Authenticated
Keyboard and mouse Not required Who are they kidding A supported network card is required for joining a domain or almost anything you ll want to do with Windows Server 2008.
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