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In this example, I am using an array initializer that has two expressions for the array elements . Each expression represents an anonymous type (since no type name is specified after the new operator) . Since the two anonymous types have the identical structure (one field called Name of type String), the compiler knows that these two objects are of the exact same type . Now, I use C# s implicitly typed array feature (no type specified between the new and the []s) so that the compiler will infer the type of the array itself, construct this array object, and initialize its references to the two instances of the one anonymous type .1 Finally, a reference to this array object is assigned to the kids local variable, the type of which is inferred by the compiler due to C# s implicitly typed local variable feature . I show the foreach loop as an example of how to use this array that was just created and initialized with the two anonymous type objects . I have to use an implicitly typed local variable (kid) for the loop, too . When I run this code, I get the following output:
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Now examine the lines of C# code in Table 4-3 . For each line, decide whether the line would compile and execute successfully (marked OK below), cause a compile-time error (CTE), or cause a run-time error (RTE) .
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FIGURE 17-12 The Select Role Services page of the Add Role Services Wizard
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The InterfaceMethods and TargetMethods arrays run parallel to each other; that is, InterfaceMethods[0] identifies the interface s MethodInfo, and TargetMethods[0] identifies the method defined by the type that implements this interface method . Here is some code that shows how to discover the interfaces and interface methods defined by a type:
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Suppose you wanted to know the number of customers that fall into each category per city. The following PIVOT query allows you to achieve this, generating the output shown in Table 1-16: SELECT city, no_orders, upto_two_orders, more_than_two_orders FROM (SELECT C.customerid, city, CASE WHEN COUNT(orderid) = 0 THEN 'no_orders' WHEN COUNT(orderid) <= 2 THEN 'upto_two_orders' WHEN COUNT(orderid) > 2 THEN 'more_than_two_orders' END AS category FROM dbo.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON C.customerid = O.customerid GROUP BY C.customerid, city) AS D PIVOT(COUNT(customerid) FOR category IN([no_orders], [upto_two_orders], [more_than_two_orders])) AS P;
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Selecting a Text Editor
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Member of Class Member of Struct
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Does each requirement that applies to the class or routine have its own test case Does each element from the design that applies to the class or routine have its own test case Has each line of code been tested with at least one test case Has this been verified by computing the minimum number of tests necessary to exercise each line of code Have all defined-used data-flow paths been tested with at least one test case Has the code been checked for data-flow patterns that are unlikely to be correct, such as defined-defined, defined-exited, and defined-killed Has a list of common errors been used to write test cases to detect errors that have occurred frequently in the past Have all simple boundaries been tested maximum, minimum, and off-byone boundaries Have compound boundaries been tested that is, combinations of input data that might result in a computed variable that s too small or too large Do test cases check for the wrong kind of data for example, a negative number of employees in a payroll program Are representative, middle-of-the-road values tested Is the minimum normal configuration tested Is the maximum normal configuration tested Is compatibility with old data tested And are old hardware, old versions of the operating system, and interfaces with old versions of other software tested Do the test cases make hand-checks easy
Explicitly Loading Assemblies
Listing 6-13. Hibernate SessionFactory Configuration <!-- =================================================================== --> <!-- Hibernate SessionFactory --> <!-- =================================================================== --> <bean id="sessionFactory" class="org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.LocalSessionFactoryBean"> <property name="dataSource"> <ref local="dataSource"/> </property> <property name="mappingDirectoryLocations"> <list> <value>classpath:/com/integrallis/techconf/domain</value> </list> </property> <property name="hibernateProperties"> <props> <prop key="hibernate.dialect">${hibernate.dialect}</prop> <prop key="hibernate.show_sql">${hibernate.show_sql}</prop> <prop key="hibernate.cglib.use_reflection_optimizer">true</prop> </props> </property> </bean> Finally, we configure other Hibernate properties via the hibernateProperties property, which allows us to pass arbitrary name-value pairs of properties to the underlying SessionFactory. In this case the properties hibernate.dialect and hibernate.show_sql are defined in the file for convenience. We now have a Hibernate SessionFactory available to any bean in our Spring application.
TABLE 3-15
Large Objects
come with OS X on the installation DVD. Alternatively, you can download Xcode from Apple at http://
3 1 Communication path with two programmers Communication paths with three programmers 45 10 Communication paths with four programmers 6
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Computers on a network can be part of a workgroup or a domain . In a workgroup, the security database (including, most significantly, the list of user acworkgroup, counts and the privileges granted to each one) for each computer resides on that computer . When you log on to a computer in a workgroup, Windows checks its local security database to see if you ve provided a user name and password that matches one in the database . Similarly, when network users attempt to connect to your computer, Windows again consults the local security database . All computers in a workgroup must be on the same subnet . A workgroup is sometimes called a peer-to-peer network . network . By contrast, a domain consists of computers that share a security database stored on one or more domain controllers running a member of the Windows Server family (Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, and soon, Windows Server Longhorn ) . When you log on using a domain account, Windows authenticates your credentials against the security database on a domain controller . When you have more than a handful of computers in a network, they become much easier to manage when configured as a domain . For example, instead of re-creating a database of user accounts on each computer, you create each account only once . A domain environment also offers much greater power and flexibility . For example, you can easily set up roaming user profiles, which allow users to log on at any network computer and see the same personalized desktop, menus, applications, and documents . A domain
<Target Name="Build"> <!-- Execute the PrintInfo target for all projects in Projects --> <MSBuild Properties="Name=propertiesMSBuildTask" Projects="@(Projects)" Targets="PrintInfo" /> </Target> </Project>
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