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isolation Levels
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In the previous example, you created a style on the Canvas that contains the controls. By doing so, you limit the scope of the style to that Canvas alone. If you have multiple pages in your application, you would have to define styles across each page, which is inefficient. Fortunately, with Silverlight you can define styles across the application by setting styles in App.xaml. Indeed, if you look at the default App.xaml file that is set up by the Microsoft Visual Studio template, you can see that the <Resources> section has already been defined!
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4. Type the name in the Select User Or Group dialog box shown here; when entering multiple names, separate them with semicolons. (Note that you must type the user name, which may be different from the full name that appears on the Welcome screen.)
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User Experience
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13 Reports and Dashboards
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LiSTing A-3 Visual Basic code for CLRUtilities class
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Objective 3.2 Questions 1.
In the Microsoft .NET Framework, there is a class called System.Object that defines four public instance methods: ToString, Equals, GetHashCode, and GetType . This class is the root or ultimate base class of all other classes all classes will inherit Object s four instance methods . This also means that code written to operate on an instance of the Object class can actually perform operations on an instance of any class . Since someone at Microsoft has implemented Object s methods, any class derived from Object is actually inheriting the following:
If you decide, after pondering these questions, that there is good reason to use a color fill, then you need to know how you want the chart as a whole to appear before you get started . This was useful, but not essential, when using earlier versions of the pro-
MemberInfo[] members = typeof(MyType).GetMembers();
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Nonclustered Index
An alternative method of attaching the debugger is just to call the DebugBreak API function. When the Application Error dialog box pops up, simply click the Cancel (Windows 2000) or Debug (Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) button and debug as you normally would. Keep in mind that if you're building a COM+ service, you should make the DebugBreak call outside any COM method or property invocations. If you don't, COM will eat the breakpoint exception generated by DebugBreak and you'll never get a debugger attached. In addition, you shouldn't call DebugBreak as part of your service's initial startup code; see the section "Debug Your Startup Code" later in this chapter for reasons why. Yet another means to attach the debugger to your service if you're logged in with Administrator rights is to use Task Manager. Bring up Task Manager, select the Processes tab, right-click on the process you want to debug, and select Debug from the shortcut menu. The operating system makes it easy to attach your debugger if you know what process you want to debug. Only users who are authenticated as Administrators on the local machine are allowed to attach a debugger to services. If you're not an Administrator, the Debug option will show you an Unable To Attach Debugger message box when you try to debug a process that's not running under your user account. IIS ISAPI filters and extensions Prior to IIS 5, all ISAPI filters ran inside INETINFO.EXE, the main IIS service, which meant you simply connected to INETINFO.EXE and debugged 521
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