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The .NET Framework 4 was released after Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 were released. Therefore, as of the time of this writing, no operating system has built-in support to run ASP.NET 4 applications. Before you can run an ASP.NET 4 application on a server, you will need to install the .NET Framework 4. Naturally, Visual Studio 2010 installs the .NET Framework 4 automatically, so your development computer will run your websites correctly with no additional software. Microsoft released an optional Windows Update package to install the .NET Framework 4 on computers with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. Therefore, systems administrators might have already installed the necessary components. If not, have the systems administrators install the update. After the .NET Framework 4 is installed, you need to configure IIS to run ASP.NET 4 applications by using the aspnet_regiis.exe command-line tool. The tool is located in the .NET Framework directory, which is typically %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 \aspnet_regiis.exe (for 32-bit systems) or %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319 (for 64-bit systems).
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Puzzle 13: Prisoners and Switches
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Part II Designing Types
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FIGURE 12-2 Screen regions on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity record
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Licenses (CALs). If you have the premium edition, you can buy additional standard or premium CALs. If you have the standard edition, you can purchase additional standard CALs. A change with this version of Windows SBS Server is that you can purchase CALs individually or in groups, the size of which you determine.
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Under Layout properties, shown in Figure 9-14, you can hide a web part by clearing the Visible on Page checkbox. You might want to do this if its only purpose is to serve as a connector to another web part on the page.
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Table A-15. ServiceController Members
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3. In the selection resulting from step 2, the user opted for a default setting, the Line with Markers . You ll get a brief description of the relevant chart subtype, together with explanations about its use, when you point the mouse to one of the preview images . 4. Clicking the corresponding image was sufficient to create the chart in a basic form capable of being developed . The user now selected the automatically created chart title in the chart by clicking it and deleted it by pressing the Delete key . Finally, the user used the selection handles within the framework of the selected chart area to form the object into a shape as shown in Figure 1-31, and as corresponds to the status in the Data 1 worksheet of the 0102_PracticeData01.xlsx file . On the Companion CD Open the \Samples\0102_PracticeData01.xlsx file on the CD-ROM .
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This technique creates new variables, new initialization code, and new errorchecking code, all of which create additional possibilities for error. The benefits of this technique should be weighed against the additional complexity and increased chance of secondary errors that this technique creates.
Page 325 Index Symbols .asf 164 .jpg. See JPEG .png. See Portable Network Graphic (PNG) A ActiveX controls 51 animation 95 archiving projects 19, 124 audio 48 adding to presentations 163 capture devices 66, 72, 154 capturing 7, 66, 72, 114, 131, 141 editing 45, 169, 175 effects 175 file formats 89 importing 120, 123, 131 in slides 207 in templates 106, 250, 261, 264 narrations 52, 135, 137 options 139, 143, 150 playback level 175, 176 recording 77, 78, 82, 89, 101, 130 synchronizing with slides 116, 117, 199 AutoPlay 276 AVI 9, 10. See also audio B background colors 109 bandwidth 91 bit rates 90, 151, 214, 241 broadcasting standards 59
while and until
feedback about their health. Many OEM servers come installed with third-party management suites that can be con gured to notify you of signi cant events such as power variations, CPU temperatures, and disk events that can be a precursor to hard disk failure. If your server comes with such a tool, by all means use it.
The =RANDBETWEEN(bottom,top) function creates a random integer within a range defined by bottom and top . Both values can also be negative, but top must always be greater than bottom . The =RAND() function creates a random number between 0 and 1 . This number has an accuracy of 15 or even 16 decimal places . The =ROUND(number,num_digits) function rounds a number to the defined num_digits . If num_digits is 0 or positive, the argument applies to the decimal places . If num_ digits is negative, the argument applies to the pre-decimal positions . For example:
Code contracts facilitate code usage, understanding, evolution, testing10, documentation, and early error detection . You can think of preconditions, postconditions, and object invariants as parts of a method s signature . As such, you can loosen a contract with a new version of your code, but you cannot make a contract stricter with a new version without breaking backward compatibility .
You should now have an understanding of how to implement an Administrator module in Joomla. Whenever you come across a maintenance feature that Joomla lacks, you have the capability of adding that feature yourself. These modules provide a foundation for the creation of back-end display features to Joomla. But what if you need something a little more interactive, such as a form for user entry In that case, the preferred method would not be the creation of a more powerful module; instead, you would want to develop a new component.
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