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Figure 10-2 The page of the application when a registered user is connected
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Managing Computers on the Network
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14 Spatial Data
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Ramaze: A Lightweight, MVC-Focused Web Application Framework
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6. Enter a passphrase, which Windows uses to generate a security key. Windows suggests a gobbledygook phrase, but you can replace it with one of your own choosing. (You might prefer to use a memorable phrase instead of random characters. If you do, choose a phrase that s not easily guessed, make it long, and consider incorporating letter substitution or misspellings to thwart attackers. Because you seldom have to type the passphrase it s ordinarily needed only during setup, and even then it s usually transferred automatically from a UFD or, at worst, by cut and paste using a memorable phrase for WPA is less appealing than it is for, say, a login password.) A passphrase for WPA or WPA2 can be up to 63 characters long and may contain letters (case-sensitive), numbers, and spaces (no spaces at the beginning or end, however). A WEP security key must be 26 hexadecimal characters (numbers 0 9 and letters A F) or 10 letters (casesensitive), numbers, and symbols. Click Next.
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class SomeType {
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To import the Router (Offline request) .pfx certificate file on the call ing router
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Use quota templates instead of custom quotas whenever possible. A quota tem-
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Independent Managed Solutions
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Next, select Control Panel from the Start menu and click Printers. From the File menu, select Run As Administrator and then select Add Printer (Figure 13-2).
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Long-term power outages, lasting from an hour or so to several days, are often accompanied by other, more serious problems unless your server room is in a very remote location. Longterm power outages can be caused by storms, earthquakes, res, and the incompetence of electric power utilities, among other things. As such, plans for dealing with long-term power outages should be part of an overall disaster recovery plan. (See 27 for more on disaster planning.)
Prompt with a Simple Photo
Note: The Mixed suf x indicates that the endpoint uses transport security (based on HTTPS) for integrity and con dentiality and message security (based on an X.509 certi cate). To obtain a token from Adatum, the endpoint used is IssuedTokenMixedSymmetricBasic256. This endpoint accepts a SAML token as an input and returns a SAML token as an output. It also uses transport and message security. In addition, both Litware and Adatum must establish a trust relationship. Litware must con gure Adatum ADFS as a relying party and create rules to generate a token based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Active Directory attributes. Adatum must con gure Litware ADFS as an Identity Provider and create rules to transform the group claims into role claims. Finally, Adatum must con gure the a-Order Web service as a relying party (RP). You must enable token encryption and create rules that pass role and name claims through.
QPointer<QPushButton> button(tr("OK"), this);
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