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Restoring the Registry from an Exported Hive
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Note In Ruby 1.9, test/unit does not raise an error if there are no tests.
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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In Depth: Security Identifiers
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Part III discusses how to use C# and the .NET Framework to accomplish common programming tasks, including string and number manipulation, Input/Output, using collections, and dealing with XML. The contents of these chapters will provide the reader with an understanding of the basic .NET facilities and demonstrate how the C# language is applied to program the .NET Framework. After reading Part III, readers should be able to write simple C# applications.
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19 Nullable Value Types
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Lesson Review
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Concatenating the contents of a variable to a code string imposes a security risk (SQL injection) . You can take some measures to protect against SQL injection, such as limiting the size of the code string you re constructing, using the QUOTENAME function to quote your strings, and others; however, it s very hard if not impossible to completely eliminate the exposure . Of course, in practice you don t need dynamic SQL at all in such a situation . You could simply use static code and refer to @lastname in the filter, as in:
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object that writer threads block on . The Int32 state field is divided into five subfields as follows:
Systematic Treatment of Missing Information: Null values (distinct from the empty string, blanks, and zero) are supported for representing missing information and inapplicable information in a systematic way, independent of the datatype. Dynamic Online Catalog: The database description is represented at the logical level in the same way as ordinary data, so that authorized users can apply the same relational language to its interrogation as they apply to the regular data. Comprehensive Data Sublanguage: There must be at least support for one language whose statements are expressible by some well-defined syntax and comprehensive in supporting all of the following: data definition, view definition, data manipulation, integrity constraints, authorization, and transaction boundaries handling. Updatable Views: All views that are theoretically updatable are also updatable by the system. High-Level Insert, Update, and Delete: The capability of handling a table or a view as a single operand applies not only to the retrieval of data, but also to the insertion, updating, and deletion of data. Physical Data Independence: Application programs remain logically unimpaired whenever any changes are made in either storage representations or access methods. Logical Data Independence: Application programs remain logically unimpaired when information-preserving changes that theoretically permit unimpairment are made to the base tables.
Figure 5-3. In the list, the property code was dissected into two additional columns with the LEFT and RIGHT functions so that the list can be easily filtered.
The DataGrid has two selection modes: single, in which only one row at a time may be selected; and multiple, in which several rows may be selected by holding down the Ctrl and/or Shift keys and clicking. You set these modes using the SelectionMode property, which you can set to DataGridSelectionMode.Single for single selection and DataGridSelectionMode.Extended for multiple selection. When using single selection mode, the SelectedItem mode contains the selection. It is of type object, so you need to cast it to the correct type before it can be used. Previously, you filled this grid with items of the NewsHeadLine class that you defined. So, for a single selection, you can get the data from the selection like this:
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