Figure 8-4: FOR XML RAW output obtained using the XmlDataReader class and an OLE DB data provider. in visual basic

Generator Code 39 in visual basic Figure 8-4: FOR XML RAW output obtained using the XmlDataReader class and an OLE DB data provider.

Suppose you suddenly start experiencing errors in a program or Windows component that used to work flawlessly. To troubleshoot a problem like this, you might want to open the Reliability Monitor. Shown in Figure 23-4, the Reliability Monitor is a component of the Reliability And Performance Monitor snap-in, an MMC console. You can get there through Control Panel (Control Panel, System And Maintenance, Performance Information And Tools, Advanced Tools, Open Reliability And Performance Monitor). Or, more simply, you can type perfmon.msc at a command prompt. Either way, you ll need elevated privileges.
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Correct Answers: A A. Correct: ESP packets contain Frame, Ethernet, IP, and ESP header information. The rest of the frame is encrypted. This filter displays ESP network traffic between ServerA and ClientA. B. Incorrect: The Authentication Header (AH) provides authentication, integrity, and anti-replay for the entire packet. It does not affect encryption. C. Incorrect: ESP is the correct protocol, but this setup displays the ESP traffic between ServerA and all participating clients. D. Incorrect: This answer is incorrect for the reasons given in the explanations for both answer B and answer C.
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CHAPTER 2: Designing Your Application
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Part III Essential Types
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// set sentinel value, preserving the original value initialValue = item[ count ]; item[ count ] = testValue; i = 0; while ( item[ i ] != testValue ) { i++; } // restore the value displaced by the sentinel item[ count ] = initialValue; // check if value was found if ( i < count ) { ...
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Member Description Property CanPauseAndContinue Returns the value of the CanPauseAndContinue property of the service. CanShutdown Returns the value of the CanShutdown property of the service. Returns the value of the CanStop property of the service. CanStop Gets a ServiceController array containing the services that depend on DependentServices this service. Gets or sets the value of the DisplayName property of the service. DisplayName Gets or sets the name of the machine where the service is located. MachineName Returns the value of the ServiceName property of the service. ServiceName ServicesDependedOn Gets a ServiceController array containing the services that this service depends on. Gets the status of the service represented by a value from the Status System.ServiceProcess.ServiceControllerStatus enumeration.
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Listing 7-2 PostText.aspx.vb, the code-behind file for PostTest.aspx from Listing 7-1
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Verify that the Obtain An IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically options are selected and then click OK.
Send RADIUS Accounting On And Accounting Off Messages This message appears only when adding a RADIUS accounting server. This option causes Rout ing And Remote Access to send Accounting-On and Accounting-Off messages to the RADIUS server when Routing And Remote Access starts and stop.
In earlier chapters, in particular in 4, I described a concept called a grouping factor. In particular, I used it in a problem to isolate islands, or ranges of consecutive elements in a sequence. Recall that the grouping factor is the factor you end up using in your GROUP BY clause to identify the group. In the earlier problem, I demonstrated two techniques to calculate the grouping factor. One method was calculating the maximum value within the group (specifically, the smallest value that is both greater than or equal to the current value and followed by a gap). The other method used row numbers. Because this chapter covers aggregates, it is appropriate to revisit this very practical problem. In my examples here, I'll use the Stocks table, which you create and populate by running the code in Listing 6-14.
Part III Processes
The XSL style sheet and the XML source can be loaded from a variety of sources, including local disk files and remote URLs. You can't load style sheets and source documents from a stream, but because you can easily obtain an XML reader from a stream, a workaround is quickly found. Whatever the input format, the content is transformed into an XPath navigator object immediately after reading. In light of this, passing style sheet and XML source data directly as XPath documents or navigators is advantageous from two standpoints: you save conversion time, and you work with objects whose internal storage mechanism is lighter and more compact. Choosing optimized forms of storage like XPath documents binds you to a read-only manipulation of the data. If you need to edit the document before a transformation is performed, load it into an XmlDocument object and apply all the changes. When you have finished, pass the XmlDocument object to the XslTransform class. As you'll recall from 6, XmlDocument implements the IXPathNavigable interface and as such can be used with the Transform method. The Load and Transform methods have several overloads each. In all this richness of call opportunities, not all possible combinations of input and output channels are always supported. For example, you can load the source document from a URL, but only if you output to another URL or disk file. Likewise, if you want to transform to a text writer, you can't load the source from a file. Table 7-6 and Table 7-7 provide a quick-access view of the available overloads. Table 7-6: Load Method Overloads Return Type Style Sheet Source void File or URL void void void void void void void XPath document XPath navigator XML reader File or URL XPath document XPath navigator XML reader
System.Text; Microsoft.SqlServer.Server; System.Data.SqlTypes; System.Text.RegularExpressions;
Islands in TempSeq
Most people try the obvious approachto create the T shape itself (emphasis on itself ) by organizing the pieces in different ways. If you tried this approach, you probably couldn't come up with a solution, and for a good reasonyou can't form the T shape with the desired proportions by any arrangement of the given pieces. However, if you think outside the box (literally in this case), you can form the rectangle surrounding the T shape, as Figure A-7 shows.
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