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Accessing the queued builds is slightly more complicated than querying build agents and build de nitions. Firstly, you need to create an IQueuedBuildsView object using the CreateQueuedBuildsView method on the IBuildServerInterface.
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ExecuteTool This is the method called that will execute the tool based on the values from the input parameters. GenerateFullPathToTool You will have to implement this method. The return value, as the name suggests, is the full path to the tool that you are executing. DeleteTempFile (New with 3.5) This is simply a helper method that can be used to delete les. The advantage of using this is that it doesn t fail the build if the le can t be deleted; it only warns and continues. GenerateCommandLineCommands This is used to generate any parameters that are passed to the command. The return value will be appended to the full tool path for the command that will be executed. This value, along with the response le, if provided, is passed to the System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(string,string) constructor as the arguments command. GenerateResponseFileCommands If your tool accepts a response le for initialization, then you can return a string that contains the values that should be contained in a response le sent to the tool. These commands will be written to a temporary le and then passed to the tool. When you use this method you may also need to override the
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The I/O cost of this query involves the cost of the unordered scan of the leaf of the index (sequential I/O using IAM pages) plus the cost of the lookups (random I/O). The scan will cost as many page reads as the number of pages in the leaf of the index. As described earlier, the cost of the lookups is the number of qualifying rows multiplied by 1 in a heap, and multiplied by the number of levels in the clustered index (3 in our case) if the table is clustered. Here are the measures I got for this query against a heap: Logical reads: 4400 Physical reads: 47 Read-ahead reads: 4345 CPU time: 1281 ms Elapsed time: 2287 ms Estimated subtree cost: 4.479324 Figure 3-38 illustrates the access method over a clustered table, and Figure 3-39 shows the execution plan for the query.
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The installer must place the desktop file in the /usr/local/share/applications/hildon directory in order for the application manager to see it and include your application in the application launcher screen. qr code scanner
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Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-31
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SingleCall Objects A well-known type declared as a SingleCall object has a new instance of it created whenever a request arrives. The host application creates a new instance of the SingleCall object, executes the requested method, and then routes any return values back to the client. After that, the object goes out of scope and is left to the garbage collector. Although it's not completely impossible, preserving state from one call to the next is realistically a bit impractical for SingleCall objects. In this case, the lifetime of the object instance is extremely short and barely covers the duration of the method call. You can try either storing information in a database (or any sort of persistent storage medium) or parking data in other objects with a different lifetime scheme. Client-Side Activation Client-activated objects are instantiated on the client as the result of a call to the new operator or to the System.Activator object. Each remoting client runs its own copy of the object and can control it at will. For example, the client can use any of the available constructors. In addition, persisting the state during the session is straightforward and does not require any special coding. On the down side, sharing state between clients is difficult, and to do so, you must resort to a database, a disk file, or any other global object in the current AppDomain. The following code snippet shows how to change the contents of the <service> tag to reflect a client-activated object. Instead of the <wellknown> tag, you use the <activated> tag. This tag supports only the type attribute. No object URI is necessary with client-activated objects. More precisely, the URI is still necessary, but because the activation occurs on the client and at a very specific moment in time, the URI can be silently generated by the .NET Remoting infrastructure and attached to each call. <service> <activated /> type="XmlNet.CS.ServiceSalesProvider, ServiceSalesProvider"
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Any task you can perform with the IP Security Policy snap-in and the IP Security Mon itor snap-in, you can do with the Netsh command. You can also perform tasks with Netsh that you cannot do from a console, such as the following: instituting computer startup security, performing computer startup traffic exemptions, running diagnostics, performing default traffic exemptions, performing strong CRL checking, performing IKE (Oakley) logging, modifying logging intervals, and creating a persistent policy. You create policies by configuring IKE parameters and adding rules that are composed of filter lists, filter actions, and other configuration parameters. In the following exer cise, the commands create an IPSec policy to negotiate telnet security between Computer1 and Computer2 and to block telnet from any computer other than Computer2. You must create a policy at both Computer1 and Computer2. You can do so, as the exercise suggests, one command at a time. Alternatively, you could build a batch file and run it to implement the policy. When using the Netsh command, this method, of course, would be the preferred way to do so in the real world. Each command in the step-by-step exercise is followed by pressing the Enter key. Figure 11-35 shows the commands to create the policy on Computer2 (steps 2 through 5), as entered at the Netsh IPSec Static command line. If
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Ed Bott is a best-selling author and award-winning technology journalist who has been
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Managing Toolbars
Thread Stack
Plot Area
Help And Support in Windows Vista includes two new features that are useful primarily to users who are inexperienced with computers or with Windows: Guided Help and Demos. You ll find Guided Help, indicated by a compass icon, included in a number of help topics. To view a list of all Demos, type demos in the Search box; in the results list, click Windows Vista demos.
=========================================================== Global functions
Per-User RUN Key HKEY_USERS\*\Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Run Per-Machine RUN Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
If you click No, Windows records an entry in the same secure location in the registry as if you had clicked Yes, but the data field contains no user name or password, only instructions to ignore this site s logon form in the future.
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