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Internet Explorer Security and Privacy Options
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The late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, co-inventor of COBOL, always said that the word bug in software dated back to the first large-scale digital computer, the Mark I (IEEE 1992). Programmers traced a circuit malfunction to the presence of a large moth that had found its way into the computer, and from that time on, computer problems were blamed on bugs. Outside software, the word
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Connect to your database by using the LINQ to SQL DataContext object. Again, this object represents the pipeline between the database and your objects. Use the features of LINQ and LINQ to SQL to work with your database. For instance, you can write queries by using strongly typed objects. In addition, you can use the features of LINQ to SQL to insert, update, and delete data.
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The java.lang.ref Package
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contains an entry for all of the assemblies referenced by all of the assembly s files . This allows tools to open an assembly s manifest and see its set of referenced assemblies without having to open the assembly s other files . Again, the entries in the AssemblyRef table exist to make an assembly self-describing .
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Using Internet Explorer 7
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Qt Mobility s Multimedia APIs give you an easy way to harness the device s integrated coders and decoders (codecs) for audio capture, as well as audio and video playback. The Multimedia API is a good choice when rendering sounds or video for games and other entertainment, as well as streaming audio from remote sources like Internet radio stations. While Qt has Phonon, another multimedia framework that provides crossplatform compatibility, the Qt Mobility solution is the accepted path going forward. (There s also the Qt Multimedia framework, slated for addition into later versions of Qt 4.7 that has many of the same features.) CAUTION: Unlike all the other Mobility APIs we describe, the Multimedia API is not in the Qt Mobility namespace. When predeclaring or using the classes we discuss in this section, do not include the QTM_USE_NAMESPACE macro. Audio playback couldn t be easier: create a player, create a URL to the (local or remote) source of the audio content, and invoke play: code 128
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Con guring Terminal Services Licensing
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content pages.
Management and Monitoring Tools Subcomponents
numrecords size_mb duration_sec ----------- -------- -----------9868 0.66 8.000 n ----------1 2 3 lb ---------------------59 63.2 66.4 hb ---------------------63.2 66.4 69.6 numrecords ----------6394 0 0
As you can clearly see, just incrementing x took only 8 milliseconds . To call a method around incrementing x added another 42 milliseconds . Then, executing code in a method that uses a user-mode construct caused the code to run 27 (219 / 8) times slower . But now see how much slower the program ran using a kernel-mode construct: 2,201 (17,615 / 8) times slower! So, if you can avoid thread synchronization, you should . If you need thread synchronization, then try to use the user-mode constructs . Always try to avoid the kernel-mode constructs, as this code ran 80 (17,615 / 219) times slower .
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <StackPanel HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" TextWrapping="Wrap" Style="{StaticResource TextBoxStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> <Button Content="Button" Style="{StaticResource ButtonStyle}"/> </StackPanel> </Grid>
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