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A value type s instance constructor is executed only when explicitly called. So if Rectangle s constructor didn t initialize its topLeft and bottomRight fields using the new operator to call Point s constructor, the x and y fields in both Point fields would be 0. In the Point value type defined earlier, no default parameterless constructor is defined. However, let s rewrite that code as follows:
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Series Overlaps
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23 Assembly Loading and Reflection
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ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
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I had a personal experience using inspections on the second edition of Code Complete. For the first edition of this book I initially wrote a rough draft. After letting the rough draft of each chapter sit in a drawer for a week or two, I reread the chapter cold and corrected the errors I found. I then circulated the revised chapter to about a dozen peers for review, several of whom reviewed it quite thoroughly. I corrected the errors they found. After a few more weeks, I reviewed it again myself and corrected more errors. Finally, I submitted the manuscript to the publisher, where it was reviewed by a copy editor, technical editor, and proofreader. The book was in print for more than 10 years, and readers sent in about 200 corrections during that time.
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Federation Authentication Module
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Table 4-2 contrasts the Java and C# keywords associated with
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24.3 Reasons to Refactor
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Windows Communication Foundation
Installing and Configuring Windows Vista
Figure 11-18 The combined costing data is compiled here .
SELECT * FROM HR.Employees WHERE lastname = N''' DROP TABLE HR.Employees --';
None No updates are automatically approved. Each update must be manually approved or rejected. Not a good idea.
B. Correct: Each control must be added to the form. c. Incorrect: The form object does not support a LoadControl method. D. Correct: You can load a user control dynamically by using the LoadControl method
For both users, you can set the password, security question, and email address as you like. (The code provided in the samples installed from the CD uses the password password!.)
CHAPTER 6: Introducing Qt Quick
Finally, shuffle the pieces and draw the game board. You ll see the code for this in the next section.
Use full-screen mode where appropriate for your application. Full-screen mode means your application takes up the entire screen and does not show any system chrome, such as battery-level or signal strength indicators or application title bars. In some cases, such as watching a movie or web browsing, it is desirable to use all available screen real estate.
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