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Integrating Code39 in VB.NET Conclusion

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Because it is built into SQL Server, Service Broker messaging has some significant advantages over MSMQ transactional messaging:
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AL.exe /out:Policy.1.0.JeffTypes.dll /version: /keyfile:MyCompany.snk /linkresource:JeffTypes.config
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Scripts that execute on the client have been around a lot longer than AJAX. Client scripts add a client-side, dynamic nature to a web UI. It is AJAX programming, however, that has pushed a resurgence in JavaScript on the client. You will work with the Microsoft AJAX Library in a later section in this lesson. First, however, you learn the ways in which you can define client script on your ASP.NET webpage. There are three basic approaches to doing so:
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM splits the Look for options into entity and field lists. The entity list displays the current primary entity, all related entities, a workflow option, and any custom assembly steps configured in the workflow process (Figure 14-24). The list of fields is contextually driven by the choice of the entity list and displays only those fields of the data type available for the field currently in focus. Almost all fields are available, including custom attributes. If you select the Process option in the Look for picklist, as shown in Figure 14-24, the user interface displays these special attribute choices (depending on the field with focus):
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<local:CustomerContactView /> </DataTemplate> </UserControl.Resources> <Grid> <ContentControl Content="{Binding Customer}" ContentTemplate="{StaticResource CustomerViewTemplate}" /> </Grid> </Window>
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and e-mail, and the internal domain name that Windows Small Business Server uses. They are usually related but not identical. The public, Internet domain name needs to be globally unique, of cially registered with a Domain Naming Service, and clearly identi able as your company. The internal, Windows name can be anything at all, though it should usually be the same as the external, public one, but with a different top-level domain. So if your company is Example Widgets and your public Internet domain name is example.com, your internal Windows domain name could be something like example.local. This makes it easy to keep track of and gives you complete control over managing the internal DNS of your Windows Small Business Server network while allowing you to have a reliable third party manage your public DNS records. Although it is technically possible to change your public name, it s neither easy nor painless, and it s virtually impossible to change your internal name without having to completely rebuild your network from scratch. So it s worth spending time up front to make sure you re choosing a name that is appropriate and has the support of all parties. Another possibility is to choose a completely generic name for your internal domain that has nothing whatsoever to do with your company name. This works great if you change your public name, because nothing has to change on your network. But it s not an approach we like. We ve always preferred naming based on the company name it s just easier for everyone to understand and remember.
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Figure 12-1 The four phases of patch management.
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At the beginning of this chapter I mentioned that all services run in Session 0 on Windows. All user mode applications and programs do not. This serves to prevent users and the programs they run (which might be malware) from easily modifying core services. Since roughly 86 percent of all Windows vulnerabilities reported over the last few years require an end user to be socially engineered into executing code on the desktop (http://www.infoworld.com/article/ 07/10/19/42OPsecadvise-insider-threats_1.html), service session isolation is a very good thing. The one potential downside to Session 0 Isolation is the fact that legacy services expecting to directly interact with the end user can no longer display messages and prompts. Without some sort of shim, a legacy service would display its service message in Session 0, where the end user cannot read it. Microsoft included the Interactive Services Detection (ui0detect) service to allow legacy services to communicate to interactive end users. When started (it is not started by default) the service will detect services trying to communicate with the user and alert the logged-on interactive user. Microsoft has publicly stated that the Ui0detect service is a temporary shim and will be going away in the future. Vendors need to recode their services to communicate to users in different sessions using RPC, COM, Named Pipes, or other communication methods. Find more details on Session 0 Isolation at http:// www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/vista/services.mspx.
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If you are running SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 in virtual machines on a
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Regardless of where you download music files from, you ll need to pay special attention to file names and to metadata saved as part of the track. If you find errors or inconsistencies or if you just want to make sure the downloaded tracks follow the same standards you ve chosen for your library you might need to manually edit the saved metadata and rename tracks.
Lesson Summary
Configure Active Directory for autoenrollment of user certificates
The DataBoundControl class inherits from WebControl and can thus have all the visual and style properties defined on the base class. Examples of visual properties include BackColor, ForeColor, Font, BorderStyle, and the new SkinID. The DataBoundControl class also features infrastructural properties such as Context, Page, and AccessKey. The class declaration is shown here:
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