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Create, Replace, or Update
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17. Unusual Control Structures
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Using Windows Media Center
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Please follow the descriptions provided below in the context of the specifications made in Figure 11-14 and Figure 11-15 . Therefore, select the customer 23 SA-C / Dayton, OH in the ComboBox . This customer s current total costs total $13,324 . The main costing basis here (in addition to the prices agreed with this customer) is the guaranteed acceptance of 120 AU BASIC activity units per period (first row in the table) . In the chart, you quickly realize that this specification was exceeded in seven of the periods concluded during this time . In this combined costing, however, the fact that the customer has exceeded the agreed activity quotas does not automatically mean that the customer is at a financial disadvantage . Often, the opposite is true . Therefore, in each case, a check must be performed to see whether the customer will benefit from increasing or lowering the basic activity units . The model is capable of envisaging other scenarios for this purpose . You can raise the bar or lower it . By doing so, you move the blue separator up or down, thus changing the relationship between the AU BASIC and AU PLUS activity quotas, and therefore changing each proportional cost and ultimately the total cost . You can then track the immediate effects of such actions directly in the table and chart . If you click the Scenario ToggleButton, the presentation changes, and you can use a ScrollBar to move the blue separator . Let s take a closer look:
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The SqlBulkCopy class works with SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000. It is also supported in Yukon. The bcp command-line utility in SQL Server is a tool that is frequently used to perform bulk operations. The SqlBulkCopy class has no relationship to this utility. As mentioned, the class doesn t support input files, nor does it supply the export functionality of the utility (the out keyword) that allows you to create text files from the contents of a SQL Server table.
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Exercise 2: Verifying SRV Resource Records in DNS
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578 ChAPTER 10
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Manage State by Using Server-Based State Management Options
VPN Troubleshooting
8 . . Now drop a TextBox on the UseAutocompleteExtender page to hold the originator s last name to be looked up . Give the TextBox an ID of TextBoxOriginatorLastName . 9 . . Drag an AutoCompleteExtender from the AJAX Toolbox and add it to the page . Set its ID to be AutoCompleteExtenderForOriginatorLastName . Point the AutoComplete TargetControlID to the TextBox holding the originator s last name, TextBoxOriginatorLastName . Make the MinimumPrefix length 1, the ServiceMethod GetQuoteOriginatorLastNames, and the ServicePath quoteservice.asmx . This wires up the AutoComplete extender so that it takes text from the TextBoxOriginatorLastName TextBox and uses it to feed the XML Web Service GetQuoteOriginatorLastNames method .
Of course, if your computer is in a secure location where only people you trust have physical access to it, you might not have such concerns. Because the designers of Windows Vista were able to provide for the needs of those who want convenience as well as those who need security, Windows Vista works for you, too. You ll still probably want to create a user account for each person who uses the computer, because associated with each account is a user profile that stores all manner of information unique to that user: favorite websites, desktop background, document folders, and so on. With features such as the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching, described in this chapter, you can log on or switch between user accounts with only a few clicks.
ChaPter 11
In the previous lesson, you learned about creating XML web services with ASP.NET. This is a very useful, straightforward way to create web services that you intend to host in IIS and call over HTTP. However, the service model can be extended beyond HTTP. For example, you might want to write a service that is accessed inside the firewall over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) instead of HTTP. Working over TCP within your own application often results in better performance than you would attain with services implemented by using HTTP. In earlier versions of the .NET Framework, this meant that you wrote the service by using Remoting. However, if the same service code needed to be called over both HTTP and TCP, you had to write and host it twice. This is one of the many problems that WCF solves. WCF is a unifying programming model. It defines a single approach to writing services and thereby unify technologies such as web services (ASMX), .NET Remoting, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ), Enterprise Services (COM+), and Web Services Enhancements (WSE). It does not replace these technologies on an individual basis. Instead, it provides a single programming model that you can use to take advantage of all of these technologies at once. With WCF, you can create a single service that can be exposed as HTTP, TCP, named pipes, and so on. You also have multiple hosting options. This lesson covers the basics of WCF to give you a solid footing when working with this technology. This lesson is not all-encompassing on WCF. Rather, it focuses on those areas inside WCF that are specific to ASP.NET development: writing, hosting, and calling WCF services with ASP.NET websites.
There are two basic types of animations in Silverlight: Linear interpolation animation: This type of animation smoothly and continuously varies property values over time. Keyframe animation: With this type of animation, values change based on keyframes that have been added to a given point in the timeline. Most commonly, keyframe animations are used in conjunction with a form of interpolation to smooth animations. All types of animation in Silverlight are derived from the Timeline class found in the System.Windows.Media.Animation namespace. The following types of animation are available: ColorAnimation ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames DoubleAnimation DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames PointAnimation PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames
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