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The IP Security Monitor snap-in The graphical user interface (GUI) based IP Security Policy Management tool available as a snap-in or in a GPO Netsh Netdiag Event logs
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public partial class UseDataList : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { DataTable dt = BindToinventory(); DataTable tableSelectedItems = this.CreateSelectedItemsTable(dt); Session["tableSelectedItems"] = tableSelectedItems; } } }
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Access Using the Ribbon Tabs
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he typical commodity hard disk of 10 years ago had an MTTF on the order of three years. Today, the manufacturer s published MTTF for a typical commodity
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The name you provide when you create a new account with Windows is used for both the user name and the full name . The user name is the primary name used internally by Windows . You use it when you log on without the benefit of the Welcome screen (such as in certain networking situations) and when you specify the account name in various commands and dialog boxes for setting permissions . The full name is the name that appears on the Welcome screen, at the top of the Start menu, and in User Accounts . You can change either name at any time after the account is created .
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Listing 9-11. Creation script for the fn_managers function
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This section looks at how you can organize code into multiple files and manage libraries within Ruby.
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When running scripts, the output is appended to the Script Output window. To clear the window so that only new output is displayed, click on the Clear button (the picture of the pencil eraser).
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2. The ValidationSummary control can be used to show a summary of validation
SN Vu MyAssembly.dll
CLIENT1 is a computer running Windows XP Professional that is acting as a VPN client and gaining remote access to intranet resources across the simulated Internet. To configure CLIENT1 as a VPN client for a PPTP connection, perform the follow ing steps: 1. Connect CLIENT1 to the intranet network segment. 2. On CLIENT1, install Windows XP Professional as a member computer named CLIENT1 of the example.com domain. 3. Add the VPNUser1 account in the example.com domain to the local Admin istrators group. 4. Log off, and then log on using the VPNUser1 account in the example.com domain. 5. From Control Panel>Network Connections, obtain properties on the Local Area Connection, and then obtain properties on the Internet Protocol (TCP/ IP). 6. Click the Alternate Configuration tab, and then click User Configured. 7. In IP Address, type In Subnet Mask, type This is shown in the following figure.
Lesson 2: LINQ and ADO.NET
using System; class GenObj { ~GenObj() { Console.WriteLine("In Finalize method"); } }
Bypass traverse checking (SeChangeNotifyPrivilege) Debug programs (SeDebugPrivilege) Create a token object (SeCreateTokenPrivilege) Replace process level token (SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege) Generate security audits (SeAuditPrivilege) Back up files and directories (SeBackupPrivilege) Restore files and directories (SeRestorePrivilege)
Colors, Areas, and Outlines
For the exam, remember that you sometimes need to run Ipconfig /flushdns on your computer before you can see the benefit of having fixed a DNS problem elsewhere on the network. For example, suppose you are unable to ping a UNIX computer by name from a Windows client. You manually create a host (A) resource record for the UNIX computer to rem edy the situation, but when you again try to ping the UNIX computer by name, you still receive an error response. This problem occurs because the Windows client has cached a negative response to the earlier query for the UNIX computer name. To fix the problem, flush the DNS client cache by executing Ipconfig /flushdns on the Windows computer. This command forces the Windows client to attempt from scratch to resolve the UNIX computer name instead of just responding with the cached negative response.
To add a dial-up connection, VPN connection, or PPPoE connection, complete the fol lowing steps:
A forest is a collection of one or more trees for example, forum discussions can be represented as a forest where each thread is a tree.
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