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Correct Answer: D
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Securing the Network
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This chapter contained a brief introduction to two foundations of modern mathematics and computer science: set theory and predicate logic. Set theory and logic are particularly important to understanding SQL and relational databases. Along the way, you learned some speci c techniques, such as how to negate quanti ed predicates, and some alternate ways to characterize sets and express logical propositions. One particular tool, the characteristic function of a set, provided a valuable and exible key programming technique.
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FiguRe 1-1 Execution plan for a query against a view with ORDER BY in SQL Server 2000
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Let s walk through the elements of the config.xml file. In the case of the example for Lucene, the listeners element contains one listener that logs the current build status to the file status.txt. <listeners> <currentbuildstatuslistener file="logs/jakarta-lucene/status.txt"/> </listeners> Next, the modificationset element specifies where CruiseControl should check to determine if a build should be triggered. In the case of the example, CruiseControl will check the local working copy of the project for changes. The attribute quietperiod determines the time in seconds that CruiseControl will wait for it to determine that there are no check-ins occurring on the project. Set this parameter based on the habits of your team. For example I like to set this parameter to about 120 seconds, since I like to take my time with the check-in comments. <modificationset quietperiod="60"> <cvs localworkingcopy="checkout/jakarta-lucene"/> </modificationset> The interval attribute of the schedule element determines how often CruiseControl will check the modification set to determine whether to run the build. Set this attribute based on the number of projects on your build machine and the priority and frequency of change of those projects. The ant element is one of the possible actions to perform when a build is deemed necessary. In here we are invoking the delegate buildfile created for the Lucene project. <schedule interval="60" > <ant buildfile="build-jakarta-lucene.xml" target="test" uselogger="true" usedebug="false" /> </schedule> Finally, the log element determines the directory for the CruiseControl logs. The merge element tells CruiseControl to merge the JUnitReport XML files produced during the build of the Lucene project. In the case of the Lucene project those files are located in the build/test directory. You ll determine this by examining the build.xml or simply running the build and searching for the reports. <log dir="logs/jakarta-lucene"> <merge dir="checkout/jakarta-lucene/build/test/" /> </log> With everything now set, let s fire up CruiseControl and watch it build the Lucene project. As done previously, change directories to the CruiseControl working directory and execute the script. In the output, you should see the project sources being retrieved from CVS and the build executing. Refreshing the CruiseControl reporting Web application should reveal the Lucene project as shown in Figure 9-4.
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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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System Requirements
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If you open a record for an entity that has document management enabled, you will see a Documents link in the left navigation pane on the record. When you click that link, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prompts you to automatically create a document folder for the record. Assuming that you click OK, it creates a folder. Each record can have multiple document locations, so each time you click the Add Location button Microsoft Dynamics CRM prompts you to create an additional document location. Important The automatic folder creation prompt only appears if you have the Microsoft
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C:\AppDir\en\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\en\AsmName\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\firstPrivatePath\en\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\firstPrivatePath\en\AsmName\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\secondPrivatePath\en\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\secondPrivatePath\en\AsmName\AsmName.dll C:\AppDir\en\AsmName.exe C:\AppDir\en\AsmName\AsmName.exe C:\AppDir\firstPrivatePath\en\AsmName.exe C:\AppDir\firstPrivatePath\en\AsmName\AsmName.exe C:\AppDir\secondPrivatePath\en\AsmName.exe C:\AppDir\secondPrivatePath\en\AsmName\AsmName.exe
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Office Publisher 2007 includes a range of coordinated templates that reflect different types, color schemes, and personalities. The template styles are coordinated so that you can choose a style for your newsletter (the Arrows style, for example) and choose the same style (Arrows) for your business cards. Tip
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Bug Tracking Systems In addition to tracking your bugs, the bug tracking system makes an excellent vehicle for jotting down reminders and keeping a to-do list, especially when you're in the process of developing code. Some developers like to keep notes and to-do lists in notebooks, but essential information often gets lost between random hexadecimal number streams from a debugging session and the pages on pages of doodling that you used to keep yourself awake in the last management status meeting. By putting these notes into the bug tracking system and assigning them to yourself, you consolidate them in one place, making them easier to find. Additionally, although you probably like to think that you "own" the code you work on, you really don't it belongs to the team. With your to-do list in the bug tracking system, other team members who have to interface with your code can check your list to 25
Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub DetailsViewCust_DataBound( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles DetailsViewCust.DataBound Dim cust As NorthwndModel.Customer = CType(DetailsViewCust.DataItem, NorthwndModel.Customer) Me.GridViewOrders.DataSource = cust.Orders Me.GridViewOrders.DataBind() End Sub
9 Dynamic SQL
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