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onto the user s machine; however, you ll need more sophisticated installation software to create shortcut links on the user s desktop and Start menu . Also, you can easily back up and restore the application or move it from one machine to another, but the various shortcut links will require special handling .
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3 Using Visual Studio with Silverlight
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18.2 Direct Access Tables
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Creating naming conventions makes choosing names for computers, shared folders, and users easier and lends consistency to the network. This consistency results in a more user-friendly network. For help with naming users, see 9, Managing Users and Groups. For help with naming shared folders, see 10, Shares and Permissions.
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CHAPTER 2: Designing Your Application
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if you have a valid reason to use them. However, setting environment variables from within a program only applies to the local process and any child processes, meaning that the variables application is extremely limited.
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Page 242 the quotation marks), where index number corresponds to the index of the profile used to encode the digital media. For example, to play a presentation using the second-highest bit rate you selected in the Publish Wizard, you would use the following address format: http:// server_name / webpath/ presentation_name.htm#profile=1 This address tells the Producer presentation to play using the Windows Media file that the playlist file named 1Media.asx points to. Using Other Playback Parameters There are other parameters you can add to your playback address to change the playback behavior of a Producer presentation. You can use multiple parameters in the playback address simply separate the parameters using a & character. Autostart This parameter tells the Producer presentation to start playing immediately, bypassing the introduction page. If the parameter value is 0, the introduction page displays and the viewer must click Play to see the presentation. If the parameter value is 1, the presentation plays automatically. For example: http:// server_name / webpath/ presentation_name.htm#autostart=1 The default value is 0. Time This parameter allows you to specify a starting time, in seconds. For example, to start playback from two minutes into your presentation, the address would be: http:// server_name / webpath/ presentation_name.htm#time=120 By default, the presentation plays from the start. Event This parameter allows you to start playback from a specific event within your presentation. An event occurs for slide changes, internal slide changes (such as animations), template changes, and HTML changes. Each event occurs sequentially, and the first event has the number 0, which is the start of the presentation. For example, if the second event in your presentation is an animation that occurs in the first PowerPoint slide that displays, you might use an address like the following to start the presentation playback at the animation event: http:// server_name / webpath/ presentation_name.htm#event=2 Using the event parameter can be a bit tricky, so you ll have to experiment a bit to find the correct parameter number to get the result you desire. Also, if you use both the Time and Event parameter in the same playback address, the Event parameter takes precedence. For example: http:// server_name / webpath/ presentation_name.htm#time=60&event=2
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Root keys, sometimes called predefined keys, contain subkeys. Registry Editor displays this structure as an outline. In Figure 26-1, for example, HKCU has been opened to show the top-level subkeys: AppEvents, Console, Control Panel, Environment, EUDC, Identities, Keyboard Layout, Network, Printers, SessionInformation, Software, System, and Volatile Environment. A root key and its subkeys can be described as a path, like this: HKCU\Console. Root keys and their subkeys appear in the left pane in Registry Editor.
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Step 1: Performing a Cartesian Product (Cross Join)
In addition to instance constructors, the CLR also supports type constructors (also known as static constructors, class constructors, or type initializers). A type constructor can be applied to interfaces (although C# doesn t allow this), reference types, and value types. Just as instance constructors are used to set the initial state of an instance of a type, type constructors are used to set the initial state of a type. By default, types don t have a type constructor defined within them. If a type has a type constructor, it can have no more than one. In addition, type constructors never have parameters. In C#, here s how to define a reference type and a value type that have type constructors:
DBCC SQLPERF('sys.dm_os_wait_stats', CLEAR);
Exchange to manage and deliver information within your organization. In that case, Data Protection Manager is a better choice than the default Windows SBS backup. True, you ll have to purchase it, and it requires a dedicated standalone server. That s two licenses plus the cost of the hardware just to get started. So it s not as cheap as using the Windows Server Backup. However, Data Protection Manager (DPM) offers many bene ts: Zero data-loss recovery for Microsoft applications. Shorter backup windows and smaller full backups thanks to patented Express Full technology. Scheduling a backup window is no longer necessary, which is a great advantage in environments where 24/7 uptime is required. Typical le recovery from tape can take hours; DPM performs the same function in minutes. DPM enables self-service user recovery, letting users access and retrieve les directly within Windows Vista, Windows XP, the 2007 Microsoft Of ce system, Microsoft Of ce 2003, and Microsoft Of ce XP applications without administrator intervention. Automates the scheduling of backups with Service Level Agreement based policies. Advanced monitoring alerts administrators only when an actionable error occurs. Ef ciently uses standard hardware through innovative de-duplication technology, reducing the volume of disk needed, and providing disk-based backup at a fraction of the cost of proprietary hardware solutions. Customers can consolidate both disk- and tape-based backup infrastructure onto Data Protection Manager 2007, reducing the number of backup and recovery applications and managing both disk and tape from a single interface.
Step 2: Applying the ON Filter (Join Condition)
One of my former roommates was a great procrastinator. He justified his laziness by saying that many of the things people feel rushed to do simply don t need to be done. If he waited long enough, he claimed, the things that weren t important would be procrastinated into oblivion, and he wouldn t waste his time doing them. Lazy evaluation is based on the principle my roommate used. If a program uses lazy evaluation, it avoids doing any work until the work is needed. Lazy evaluation is similar to just-in-time strategies that do the work closest to when it s needed. Suppose, for example, that your program contains a table of 5000 values, generates the whole table at startup time, and then uses it as the program executes. If the program uses only a small percentage of the entries in the table, it might make more sense to compute them as they re needed rather than all at once. Once an entry is computed, it can still be stored for future reference ( cached ).
ALTER PROC dbo.GetOrders @orderid AS INT @custid AS INT @empid AS INT @orderdate AS DATETIME AS = = = = NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL
[path: G:\windbg\WINXP\ntsdexts.dll] Loading an extension is as simple as passing the name of the extension DLL as the parameter, without the .DLL extension, to the .LOAD (Load Extension DLL) command. Of course, to unload an extension DLL, pass the name of the extension to the .UNLOAD (Unload Extension DLL) command. By convention, extension commands are all lowercase, and unlike regular and meta commands, are case sensitive. Also by convention, any extension DLL is supposed to provide a command named, appropriately, help to give you a quick clue as to what's in the extension DLL. With the default extensions loaded, issuing the !help command doesn't show all the help available. To call an extension command out of a specific extension DLL, you append the DLL name and a period to the extension command: !dllname.command. Therefore, to see the help out of NTSDEXTS.DLL, the command is ! The Important Extension Commands Now that you're armed with a little background on how to deal with extensions, I want to turn to the important extension commands that will make your life easier. All these extensions are part of the default extension set which is always loaded, so unless you specifically unload any of the default extensions, these commands will always be available. The first important command is the !analyze -v command, which allows you to get a quick analysis about the current exception. I specifically showed this command with the v parameter because without it, you don't see much information. The !analyze command won't automatically solve all your bugs, but the idea is that it will give you all the information you'd normally want to see at the time of the crash, such as the exception record and the call stack. 346
Remote access authorization scenario #1
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