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Emit Debug information
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Certain data types are so commonly used that many compilers allow code to manipulate them using simplified syntax. For example, you could allocate an integer using the following syntax:
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Recovering Gracefully from an Exception
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customerid ---------FISSA FRNDO KRLOS MRPHS orderid ----------1 2 3 4 5 6 7 city ---------Madrid Madrid Madrid Zion customerid ---------FRNDO FRNDO KRLOS KRLOS KRLOS MRPHS NULL
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The keywords for an article used to be very important for classification. Because of the abuse of this information by spammers (who include popular keywords in pages that have no relevance to them), search engines are known to discount or outright ignore these meta keywords. Nonetheless, they can provide just a little extra information and may aid the local search engine in finding articles pertinent to a user query. Therefore, it is prudent to spend a small amount of time entering keywords that are appropriate to each article.
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The Internet Address Management Wizard con gures the server to use your domain name (Figure 8-12). To ensure that your Remote Web Workplace, e-mail, and other features work correctly, make sure the DNS settings are correctly con gured.
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Windows Error Reporting
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If you are logged on using an account with domain administrator permissions when you run the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard, it
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Static Routes For Remote Networks
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= 1 = 0 = 2 = 1 simulate save = -1
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please refer to Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming.
private static void ConversionsAndCasting() { // Implicit conversion from non-nullable Int32 to Nullable<Int32> Int32 a = 5; // Implicit conversion from 'null' to Nullable<Int32> Int32 b = null; // Explicit conversion from Nullable<Int32> to non-nullable Int32 Int32 c = (Int32) a; // Casting between nullable primitive types Double d = 5; // Int32->Double (d is 5.0 as a double) Double e = b; // Int32 ->Double (e is null) }
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