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Using Delegates to Call Back Instance Methods
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This code demonstrates one possible way to use exception-handling blocks . Don t let the code scare you most methods have simply a try block matched with a single finally block or a try block matched with a single catch block . It s unusual to have as many catch blocks as in this example . I put them there for illustration purposes .
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Add A New User Account 9 Connect Computers To Your Network 14, Managing Computers on the
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Creating a Custom HTTP Handler
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Intersecting spatial objects Unioning spatial objects Generalization of spatial objects Proximity queries Spatial buffers and distance-based calculations
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Allows for a true international presence without the high cost of
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Software projects can be measured in numerous ways. Here are two solid reasons to measure your process:
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Presenting Without Being Present
Finally, select the primary horizontal axis and make the appropriate formatting settings . I won t prompt you with any hints or suggestions this time! You ve now been introduced to a range of possible settings, which will have an even more important role to play in later chapters . At this stage, you should try to get your bearings by becoming familiar with all of the possible options, with what s familiar to you from your experience of earlier Excel versions, and what may be completely new to you .
Presentation Solutions That Pack a Punch
Enable field security for the data field you want to secure. Create a field security profile and assign to users/teams. Edit field level permissions with the field security profile.
A powerful inter-object communication system called signals and slots. A hierarchical object ownership system that reduces resource leaks. An interface to set and obtain object properties. Dynamic casting that works across object boundaries. Static resource management (for example, pictures, audio, XML, etc.) and contextual string translation. A template library for collections. These facilities are available to any class that implements the QObject object, the base class from which many Qt classes descend. Let s look at each of these facilities in a little more detail.
public virtual void BindToName(Type serializedType, out string assemblyName, out string typeName)
As you can see, you can invoke GACUtil .exe, specifying the /i switch to install an assembly into the GAC, and you can use GACUtil .exe s /u switch to uninstall an assembly from the GAC . Note that you can t ever place a weakly named assembly into the GAC . If you pass the file name of a weakly named assembly to GACUtil .exe, it displays the following error message:
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