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Compromise of a CA by a Single Administrator
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Open the code-behind file for the GreetUser control. Add the System.Web.UI.WebControls. WebParts namespace to the code-behind file, and then create a public method named GetName and set the ConnectionConsumer attribute. This control reads the user s name from the GetName control (after the user is connected) and displays it to the user as part of a greeting. Create the GetName method so that it accepts a string and uses it to create a greeting by using the Label control, as the following code demonstrates.
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This code works just fine, but is it not ideal from a programmer s perspective . The first problem is that a programmer who wants to get the index of a character within a StringBuilder must know that the StringBuilderExtensions class even exists . The second problem is that the code does not reflect the order of operations that are being performed on the StringBuilder object, making the code difficult to write, read, and maintain . The programmer wants to call Replace first and then call IndexOf; but when you read the last line of code from left to right, IndexOf appears first on the line and Replace appears second . Of course, you could alleviate this problem and make the code s behavior more understandable by rewriting it like this:
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They don t have the additional overhead members that every object on the heap has: a type object pointer and a sync block index .
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The System.GC type allows your application some direct control over the garbage collector . For starters, you can query the maximum generation supported by the managed heap by reading the GC.MaxGeneration property; this property always returns 2 . You can also force the garbage collector to perform a collection by calling one of the following two static methods:
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FIguRE 17-5 State of the delegate objects after inserting the second delegate in the chain
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The code below shows how to use reflection to call a method ( Contains ) on a String target ( Jeffrey Richter ) passing it a String argument ( ff ) and storing the Int32 result in a local variable (result): code to generate barcode 128
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In the past, CPU speeds used to increase with time, so an application that ran slowly on one machine would typically run faster on a newer machine . However, CPU manufacturers are unable to continue the trend of making CPUs faster . When you run CPUs at high speeds, they produce a lot of heat that has to be dissipated . A few years ago, I acquired a newly released notebook computer from a respected manufacturer . This computer had a bug in its firmware that made it not turn the fan on enough; as a result, after running the computer for a while, the CPU and the motherboard melted . The hardware manufacturer replaced the machine and then improved the firmware by making the fan run more frequently . Unfortunately, this had the effect of draining the battery faster, because fans consume a lot of power . These are the kinds of problems that the hardware vendors face today . Since CPU manufacturers can t continuously produce higher-speed CPUs, they have instead turned their attention to making transistors smaller so that more of them can reside on a single chip . Today, we can have a single silicon chip that contains two or more CPU cores . The result is that our software only gets faster if we write our software to use the multiple cores . How do we do this We use threads in an intelligent fashion .
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The CustomActions element contains two child elements, CustomAction and HideCustomAction, which you can use to add, override an existing item, or remove an item from the ribbon. For example, if you wanted to remove the ConvertLead button, you would use the following XML:
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Asking Internet Explorer to prompt you for all third-party cookies is an excellent way to learn which of the sites you visit regularly rely on third-party cookies. After a few days experience with this setting, you can return to automatic cookie handling and tell Internet Explorer to always block cookies from any particularly troublesome third parties that you notice.
Click Finish to close the Move Mailbox Wizard. Click Move Exchange Server Public Folders in the help le and follow the instructions for moving Public Folders to your new SBS 2008 server. This set of instructions appears to be about removing public folders, but if you read carefully, you ll see it actually moves them. This process can take several hours to several days. After the task completes, decommission the Exchange Server on the SBS 2003 server. Click Task Complete and then click Next to return to the Migration Wizard Home page.
Understanding Windows Server 2003 Networks
If none of these options give you exactly what you need, you might want to explore adding an Office web part to a SharePoint page. The Office web parts, which include Office Spreadsheet, Office Datasheet, Office PivotTable, Office PivotChart, and Office PivotView Web Parts, give you Excel functionality right on a SharePoint page. You can use the Office web parts to create dynamic dashboards, such as the one shown in Figure 9-1, based on data housed in one of three places: In an existing SharePoint list In an external data source, such as a SQL Server or Access database Entered directly into the Spreadsheet Web Part
Core Facilities
<MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Zip Files="@(_FilesToZip->'%(FullPath)')" WorkingDirectory="$(_ZipOutputPathFull)" ZipFileName="@(_ZipFile)" /> <Message Text="OutputPath: $(OutputPath)" /> </Target>
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If you are running a character-based program in the Command Prompt window, you should use the program s normal exit command to quit the program before attempting to close the window and end the Command Prompt session. Otherwise, it s possible that you ll lose unsaved data. However, if you are sure that the program doesn t have any unsaved information, you can safely and quickly close it using one of the last three methods in the preceding list. If a program is running, a dialog box appears asking whether or not you really want to terminate the program.
// This code is part of the control s implementation protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) { Page.RegisterRequiresControlState(this); base.OnInit(e); }
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