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A. Correct: You need to test the IsValid property of the webpage before executing code in
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Figure 2-2 shows the Joomla download page and the list of files available. Since Joomla releases new versions frequently, it s a certainty that the version numbers on the files listed in the figure will not match the ones you see on your screen. You need to select the newest complete package (labeled stable or full ) equal to or greater than version 1.5.
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Because no symbol has a corresponding value of 547, the SetColor method will throw an ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception, indicating which parameter is invalid and why .
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Writing a Robust Host Application
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Now that you know how to find and experiment with the new and expanded capabilities of Office Word 2007, prepare to take a closer took at Office Excel 2007. The next chapter shows you the ways in which the new philosophy of streamlined use for increased productivity can have a significant impact on the quality of your financial documents.
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variety of locations but appear to the user as a single tree.
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Tip It comes in handy to bookmark the JBoss Javadoc API because the JMX console doesn t provide code 39
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aspnet_compiler m metabasePath -c virtualPath -p physicalPath targetPath
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FIGURE 3-7 Act I defines what you will show to working memory in the first five slides.
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Exercise 1: Configuring NAT Through a Demand-Dial Interface
if (o is Employee) { Employee e = (Employee) o; // Use e within the if statement. }
if you create a team that belongs to the root business unit but you grant a security role only with a User access level for the team privilege, users with that security role won t see that root business unit team in the user interface unless they personally created that team. By using this type of configuration, you can restrict the teams that each user is allowed to view (and share records with) in case you want to hide specific teams (such as executive or financial teams).
Sample of Visual Basic Code Response.Cookies("info")("visit") = DateTime.Now.ToString() Response.Cookies("info")("firstName") = "Tony" Response.Cookies("info")("border") = "blue" Response.Cookies("info").Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1) Sample of C# Code Response.Cookies["info"]["visit"] = DateTime.Now.ToString(); Response.Cookies["info"]["firstName"] = "Tony"; Response.Cookies["info"]["border"] = "blue"; Response.Cookies["info"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);
24 Runtime Serialization
help | h projecthelp | p version diagnostics
The final Group Policy infrastructure improvement I will talk about is the improvements that have been made in Group Policy editor for filtering Administrative Template policy settings based on a variety of criteria. Prior to Windows Server 2008, you had no way to search or filter Administrative Template policies based on criteria such as the name of the policy item or even words contained in the Explain text. The new filtering feature essentially gives you a nice
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