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The following code and Figure 5-2 demonstrate how reference types and value types differ:
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While the majority of attributes are used for specifying run-time-accessible metadata, a number of them are evaluated at compile time. The AttributeUsage attribute discussed earlier is evaluated at compile time. Two other important compile-time attributes are discussed in the following sections.
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Virtual Table VT3 Returned from Step 3
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2. The WebPartManager control is required for all pages that use Web Parts. 3. The CatalogZone control enables a user to add new Web Parts to a page.
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Tax Configuration
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Setting Up a Small Network
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Figure 4-5 It s now much easier to define font colors and fill colors for cell ranges .
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Mike Snell
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The following steps summarize the process of using an InteractionRequest object to confirm navigation: 1. Navigation operation is initiated via a RequestNavigate call. 2. If the view or view model implements IConfirmNavigation, call Confirm NavigationRequest. 3. The view model raises the interaction request event. 4. The view displays the confirmation pop-up window and awaits the user s response. 5. The interaction request callback is invoked when the user closes the pop-up window. 6. Continuation callback is invoked to continue or cancel the pending navigation operation. 7. The navigation operation is completed or canceled. To illustrate this, look at the View-Switching Navigation QuickStart. The QuickStart application enables the user use the ComposeEmailView and ComposeEmailView Model classes to compose a new email message. The view model class implements the IConfirmNavigation interface. If the user navigates, such as by clicking the Calendar button, when he or she is composing email, the ConfirmNavigationRequest method will
.gutter {padding:8px;}
else { $pageContentsCell = 'department.tpl'; $categoriesCell = 'categories_list.tpl'; } } ... 9. Load index.php in your browser, and then click on your newly created Amazon Super Hats department.
ASP.NET applications do not necessarily require a rich set of personalization features. However, if you can build an effective personalization layer into your Web application, the application will be friendlier, more functional, and more appealing to use. For some applications (such as portals and shopping centers), though, personalization is crucial. For others, it s mostly a way to improve the visual appearance. In ASP.NET 2.0, personalization comes in two complementary forms: user profiles and themes. The user profile is designed for persistent storage of structured data using a friendly and type-safe API. The application defines its own model of personalized data, and the ASP.NET runtime does the rest by parsing and compiling that model into a class. Each member of the personalized class data corresponds to a piece of information specific to the current user. Loading and saving personalized data is completely transparent to end users and doesn t even require the page author to know much about the internal plumbing. The second form of personalization is using themes. Much like Microsoft Windows XP themes, ASP.NET themes assign a set of styles and visual attributes to elements of the site that can be customized. These elements include control properties, page style sheets, images, and templates on the page. A theme is the union of all visual styles for all customizable elements in the pages a sort of super CSS file. A theme is identified by name and consists of CSS files, images, and control skins. A control skin is a text file that contains default control declarations in which visual properties are set for the control. With this feature enabled, if the developer adds a DataGrid control to a page, the control is rendered with the default appearance defined in the theme.
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