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Now run the query using AddOne:
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SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate FROM dbo.Orders WHERE custid = 'C0000000001';
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Troubleshoot Connectivity to the Internet
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A list of leads, contacts, or accounts purchased from a third party. A list of contacts obtained from a conference recently attended by the sales staff. A file full of business contacts brought by an employee who has just joined the company.
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These keywords are covered in detail in the "Modifiers" section later in this chapter and in the "Types" and "Members" sections in 5.
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System.ValueType s implementation of GetHashCode uses reflection (which is slow) and
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The redirect is accomplished by sending an HTTP response code of 302 to the browser along with the URL of the page to which to redirect. The address that is displayed in the browser is updated to reflect the new URL location. Note that this comes at the cost of performing an extra call to the server. The PreviousPage property does not get populated when you are using the Redirect method. To access data from the original page, you need to resort to traditional methods of passing data, such as placing the data into cookies or session state variables or passing the data in the query string.
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The previous configuration file is equivalent to the following C# statements:
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What is the purpose of a firewall To block incoming traffic that you did not ask for. Does it make sense, perhaps, for a firewall to also block outgoing traffic that you did not approve The manufacturers of many third-party firewalls believe so. They claim that the design of the Windows firewall offers insufficient functionality for a client firewall. Their argument is that a sufficient client firewall should block all traffic inbound and outbound unless the user has specifically granted permission. Now, let us think this through for a moment. Two scenarios emerge. If you are running as a local administrator and you are infected by malware, the malware will simply disable the firewall. You are 0wn3d. If you are not running as a local administrator and you get infected by malware, the malware will cause a third-party firewall to raise a dialog filled with a foreign language involving ports and IP addresses and a very serious question: Do you want to allow this The only answer, of course, is Yes, you stupid computer,
Table 1-7. The HISTORY Table
Changing Volume Sizes
User enters the site
Thought should be given to how a data structure will be used before deciding whether to implement a class or a struct. The decision can affect the performance of an application. There are no definitive rules; only guidelines can be offered:
FIGURE 14-16 The main RWW landing page
If you want to study how other, complete applications do their layout, check out the source code Tip available at the Shoebox, at http://the-shoebox.org/. It s a repository of Shoes-related source code.
namespace TopLevel { namespace SecondLevel.ThirdLevel { } }
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