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9. Click the Services And Ports tab. At the top of the tab, read the description of the available functions. 10. In the Services area, click FTP Server. The Edit Service dialog box appears. 11. At the top of the dialog box, read the description of this configuration feature. If you had external users connecting to an internal FTP server, you could use this dialog box to configure the NAT service to forward FTP requests to the appropri ate internal server. Figure 9-28 shows such a scenario.
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You can control line breaking and mixed text using the <LineBreak> and <Run> subelements of the TextBlock. As its name suggests, the <LineBreak> creates a break in the text; the text that follows this element sets on a new line. However, the TextBlock is not a content presenter control as are some of the controls that you saw earlier in this chapter, so if you want to continue text beyond the bounds of the original contents of the Text property, you must use the Run control:
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public class MyNewObject { public MyNewObject(Database defaultDB, string departmentName) { ... } [InjectionConstructor] public MyNewObject(Database defaultDB) { ... } }
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Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies
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To create a taskpad view, start by selecting an item in the console tree to which you want to apply the view. As you ll see, when you create your taskpad view, you have the option of applying it only to the selected console-tree item or to all items at the same outline level. Next, right-click the selected console-tree entry and choose New Taskpad View from the shortcut menu. The New Taskpad View wizard appears. The sample table at the right side of the wizard s second page makes the options pretty self-explanatory. The default choices work well in most situations. The default selections in the wizard s third screen apply the new taskpad view to all comparable console-tree items and make the taskpad the default view for those items. Moving on from this screen, you have the opportunity to assign a name and some descriptive text to the new view. In the wizard s final screen, select Add New Tasks To This Taskpad After The Wizard Closes if you want to create one or more task shortcuts. This selection summons a new wizard that walks you through the process of creating your first shortcut. On the final page of this wizard, select When I Click Finish, Run This Wizard Again if you have additional shortcuts to create.
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ASP file names have the extension .asp. ASP.NET file names generally have the extension .aspx. (Other extensions are associated with ASP.NET, but the rough equivalent of .asp for ASP.NET application s is .aspx.) ASP and ASP.NET
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Figure 6-13 Using Icacls.exe to set permissions for a service.
(Program Object) FeedbackToFile null
Part I:
Figure 2-1. Eclipse Workspace Launcher dialog When Eclipse starts for the first time, you ll be greeted by the Welcome view running on the Workbench as shown in Figure 2-2. The Welcome view provides a nicely structured way to get started with using Eclipse by providing easy access to tutorials and samples. Also, help is always available by selecting Help Help Contents.
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Changes to environment variables made via Control Panel affect your next and subsequent Command Prompt sessions (not the current ones, of course). Changes made via Autoexec.bat are not effective until the next time you log on. In case of conflicting assignments, user variables take precedence over system variables, which take precedence over variables declared in Autoexec.bat. The Path variable, however, is cumulative. That is, changes made in any venue are appended to any changes made elsewhere. (But changes made via Autoexec.bat or HKCU\Environment are not effective until your next logon.) Within a given Command Prompt session, you can change environment variables by means of Set statements. Such statements affect only the current session and any applications (including additional Command Prompt sessions) spawned from the current session.
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