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Appendix E
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Inside the Implementation
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Protocols And Security: The Route IP Packets On This Interface check box is
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Subjects, Users, and Other Actors
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Packet filtering. When you connect a VPN server to the Internet, the
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You can configure NAT through a demand-dial interface or through a persistent con nection. A demand-dial interface connects only when a client requests the connection. A persistent connection can be either a dedicated line such as a DSL or T1 line or a dial-up interface that automatically redials when the line is dropped.
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[Bindable(true)] [Category(Appearance)] [DefaultValue("")] [Localizable(true)] public string Text { get { String s = (String)ViewState[Text]; return ((s == null) String.Empty : s); } set { ViewState[Text] = value; string text = value; this.alPalindromes = (ArrayList)this.ViewState["palindromes"]; if (this.alPalindromes == null) { this.alPalindromes = new ArrayList(); } if (this.CheckForPalindrome()) { if (PalindromeFound != null) { PalindromeFound(this, EventArgs.Empty); } alPalindromes.Add(text); } ViewState.Add("palindromes", alPalindromes); } }
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1. You have configured a subnet with two DHCP servers, DHCP1 and DHCP2. DHCP1 provides addresses within the first 80 percent of the subnet s scope range, and DHCP2 provides addresses for the remaining 20 percent of the scope range. Computer ClientA obtains a fresh address from DHCP1, after which you immedi ately take DHCP1 off the network. How long will it take before ClientA attempts to obtain a new address from DHCP2 a. Four days b. Five days c. Seven days d. Eight days
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Figure 2-5. The technologies you ll use to develop HatShop
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The Performance of Accessing Instance Fields
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Figure 2-9 Actiating a copy of Windows oer the phone is considerably more complex than doing it oer the internet.
Terminal Server
techniques require a unique identifier in the table. In SQL Server 2005, you can use a CTE and the ROW_NUMBER function to generate a fast solution without these shortcomings: WITH Dups AS ( SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY OrderID ORDER BY OrderID) AS rn FROM dbo.OrdersDups ) DELETE FROM Dups WHERE rn > 1;
.18 .Quick .Reference
17 Delegates
Information functions give you information about the values in a list. For example, ISBLANK looks at whether a cell in a list is blank. The information functions are particularly useful when combined with the IF function. Let s say you want to look at clothing items in the store s inventory and apply a different brand name depending on what the item is. If the item is a cap, you want the brand name FabWear to precede the item; every other item should be branded TopWear. By combining text, logical, and information functions, you can create a formula that accomplishes this task. It s easiest to start with creating a column, Caps, that identifies the caps in the list. Use the SEARCH function
Creating and editing videos with Windows Movie Maker demands a lot of computing and storage resources . For starters, you need a modern display adapter that supports DirectX 9; if your video card doesn t meet this bar, you ll see an error message when you try to start Movie Maker . After you pass that hurdle, our experience suggests you re more likely to capture video footage from your camcorder successfully, without dropped frames, if you have plenty of usable RAM at least 1 GB, preferably twice that amount . You ll need a robust CPU as well, ideally a dual-core processor running at 1 .6 GHz or better, unless you re willing to allow projects to chug away overnight as they render into usable formats . What about disk space Your storage requirements depend on the image quality you want to achieve and the amount of footage you intend to store . Capturing footage from your digital camcorder using the highest quality, least compressed format, called Digital Video Audio-Video Interleaved (DV-AVI), will consume disk space at a rate of 178 MB per minute, or about 13 GB for a one-hour source tape . You ll want to use this format, if possible, if you intend to copy your finished movies back to videotape, to CDs, or to DVDs . If you are planning to prepare videos to watch on a computer, you can choose a more compact format . Capturing digital camcorder footage in the WMV format at the quality level that Windows Movie Maker recommends for computer playback consumes a mere 14 MB per minute less than a twelfth of the space used by DV-AVI . If you re planning to publish your work on websites, you can choose from a variety of still more compact formats, suitable for downloading at broadband or dial-up speeds . Windows Movie Maker creates large temporary files while it renders projects into movies . As you calculate your disk space needs, it s a good idea to budget 15 GB for this purpose .
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