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2. List all employees, sorted by job, and per job by age (from young to old). Solution 4-2. SQL> select * 2 from employees 3 order by job, bdate desc; EMPNO ----7900 7934 7839 7566 7782 7698 7844 7521 7499 7654 7876 7369 7788 7902 ENAME -------JONES MILLER KING JONES CLARK BLAKE TURNER WARD ALLEN MARTIN ADAMS SMITH SCOTT FORD INIT ----R TJA CC JM AB R JJ TF JAM P AA N SCJ MG JOB MGR BDATE MSAL COMM DEPTNO -------- ----- ----------- ----- ----- ------ADMIN 7698 03-DEC-1969 800 30 ADMIN 7782 23-JAN-1962 1300 10 DIRECTOR 17-NOV-1952 5000 10 MANAGER 7839 02-APR-1967 2975 20 MANAGER 7839 09-JUN-1965 2450 10 MANAGER 7839 01-NOV-1963 2850 30 SALESREP 7698 28-SEP-1968 1500 0 30 SALESREP 7698 22-FEB-1962 1250 500 30 SALESREP 7698 20-FEB-1961 1600 300 30 SALESREP 7698 28-SEP-1956 1250 1400 30 TRAINER 7788 30-DEC-1966 1100 20 TRAINER 7902 17-DEC-1965 800 20 TRAINER 7566 26-NOV-1959 3000 20 TRAINER 7566 13-FEB-1959 3000 20
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USE InsideTSQL2008; WITH PivotInput AS ( SELECT shipperid, shipcountry, freight FROM Sales.Orders )
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Pseudocode Example of a Relatively Safe Use of continue
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You are the administrator of a mixed-mode network that includes Windows NT 4 Server and Workstation computers. The DNS Server and Windows Internet Name Ser vice (WINS) services are installed on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition member servers. Each standard primary DNS zone is configured to use a WINS server to resolve NetBIOS names as needed. How do you tell whether a record that is returned by the Nslookup command-line utility is from a WINS server A. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as nonauthoritative, and the TTL value will have decreased when Nslookup is used again. B. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as authoritative, and the TTL value will be unaltered when Nslookup is used again. C. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as nonauthoritative, and the TTL value will be unaltered when Nslookup is used again. D. Records that were obtained from a WINS server are marked as authoritative, and the TTL value will have decreased when Nslookup is used again.
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Preparing for a Disaster
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There are many resources for nding photographs for your presentations. If you re a good photographer, take your own photographs using a digital camera. But it s most likely that you ll want to visit a stock photography Web site. In photo databases, you ll usually search for graphics based on keywords you enter into a search box, such as clipboard. You ll then see a search results screen similar to the one from the iStockphoto Web site shown in Figure 8-7. It s worth the time to learn how to use advanced search tools to more capably nd what you re looking for. A Web site such as iStockphoto has more than two million graphics, and the search results for common terms will often produce hundreds or thousands of results. Narrow your search using advanced search features based on speci c parameters, such as color, vertical or horizontal orientation, or popularity ratings. When you re looking for photos that have white backgrounds, include the term isolated in your search terms. When you see a photo that s close to what you want but not an exact t, click on it to examine the photo details page, where you might nd related images or access to the artist s portfolio.
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NOTE: Unfortunately, as we write this, the Symbian build environment is apt to emit warnings of its own when you compile, making a zero-warnings policy difficult. One strategy is to use compiler pragmas to turn off certain warnings, but we find it easier to periodically (say, daily) skim the warnings from an otherwise working build and make sure nothing has crept in. If you ve got a lot of files in your project, once the number of files is stable, you can capture the output and use a tool like diff to verify that the warnings remain the same. With luck and effort on the part of Nokia, this problem will improve soon.
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Using the OUTPUT clause, you can direct the deleted rows from each batch into the OrdersArchive table. Here is the enhanced solution, which purges orders with an orderdate before 2006 in batches and also archives them:
As is shown in Figure 9-1, Expression Blend allows you to work in design and source (XAML) mode simultaneously. For example, you can draw an object at the top in design mode, and the XAML in the source window will be updated automatically. In addition, you can just as easily edit the XAML, and the change will be reflected automatically in the design window.
<configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Windows" /> <authorization> <deny users=" " /> </authentication> </system.web> </configuration>
// Resolve the default Database object from the container. // The actual concrete type is determined by the configuration settings. Database defaultDB = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<Database>(); // Resolve a Database object from the container using the connection string name. Database namedDB = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<Database>("ExampleDatabase");
Lesson 1: Using Master Pages
You could then bind this to a Chart control to display each country and the total sales for that country. The following markup shows an example.
CHAPTER 7: Developing with HTML5
Other notable windows include the Watch window, where you can examine any variable you want, and the Threads window, where you can see how many threads are running, what their thread IDs are, and so forth .
1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and click Routing And Remote Access. 2. In the console tree, right-click VPN1, and click Configure And Enable Rout ing And Remote Access. 3. On the Welcome To The Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard page, click Next. 4. On the Configuration page, Remote Access (Dial-Up Or VPN) is selected by default. Click Next. 5. On the Remote Access page, select the VPN check box and click Next. 6. On the VPN Connection page, click the Internet interface in Network Interfaces and click Next. 7. On the Network Selection page, click the CorpNet interface in the Network Interfaces list and click Next. 8. On the IP Address Assignment page, Automatically is selected by default. Click Next. 9. On the Managing Multiple Remote Access Servers page, click Yes, Set Up This Server To Work With A RADIUS Server, and click Next. 10. On the RADIUS Server Selection page, type in the Primary RADIUS Server text box, type the shared secret in the Shared Secret text box, and click Next. 11. On the Completing The Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard page, click Finish. 12. When a message about configuring the DHCP Relay Agent appears, click OK.
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