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Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
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30.4 Tool-Oriented Environments
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assembly language or intermediate language when compiled as managed code). Although there are many methods for counting LOC, all you have to do if you want to measure LOC is pick a method that you like, and use it consistently. Measuring program length through lines of code is rarely an actionable metric but is simple to calculate and has potential for such tasks as comparing the deltas between two versions of a product or two components in a project.
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It is time to test the new IntervalCID CLR UDT . Because many properties and operators are defined, I have to perform quite a few tests . First, you have to build the CLR code; if you are not familiar with building projects or solutions in Visual Studio from this book s previous chapters, you can find instructions in Appendix A . Testing starts with enabling the CLR, deploying the assembly, and creating the IntervalCID type . Note that you will have to change the assembly name and code path in the CREATE ASSEMBLY statement to match the choices you made when you built the assembly . In the following tests, I am testing the C# version of the IntervalCID type .
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Logically, the query doesn't make much sense of course; nevertheless, it is technically valid. You can now understand why you got an empty set back. Unless there's no order for customer LAZYK anywhere in the Orders table, obviously shipper n is always going to be in the set (SELECT n FROM dbo.Orders WHERE CustomerID = 'LAZYK' ). And the NOT IN predicate will always yield FALSE. This buggy query logically became a nonexistence query equivalent to the following illustrative code: SELECT ShipperID, CompanyName FROM dbo.Shippers WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.Orders
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More Than Numbers
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Normally, because arrays are reference types, an array field defined in a structure is really just a pointer or reference to an array; the array itself lives outside of the structure s memory . However, it is possible to embed an array directly inside a structure as shown by the CharArray structure in the preceding code . To embed an array directly inside a structure, there are several requirements:
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Using a .Reg File to Delete Registry Data
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This code sample sets the context.Response.ContentType property to "image/jpeg". You should use this property to define the correct Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type so that the browser knows how to handle the file you send it. Otherwise, the browser might try to display it as text.
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milliseconds. The null argument represents a state object that's passed into the callback method; we don't use this feature in the example. As soon as the timer is created, it will begin waiting for the initial delay to elapse. We keep an instance reference to the timer in the class that created it because the timer will continue to signal the delegate until it is disposed of. If we do not have a reference, we cannot make that call. A timer is terminated by calling the Dispose method. Another reason that we kept a reference to the Timer instance is that it's possible to change the details of the timer after it has been created, in effect restarting the timer. This can be done with the Change method, which takes two long arguments. The first argument specifies how many milliseconds should pass before the delegate is signaled again, and the second argument specifies how many milliseconds should elapse between subsequent signals. The output from this example will be something similar to the following:
Even though you can t choose a base type when defining your own value type, a value type can implement one or more interfaces if you choose. In addition, the CLR doesn t allow a value type to be used as a base type for any other reference type or value type. So, for example, it s not possible to define any new types using Boolean, Char, Int32, Uint64, Single, Double, Decimal, and so on as base types. Important For many developers (such as unmanaged C/C++ developers), reference types and value types will seem strange at first. In unmanaged C/C++, you declare a type and then the code that uses the type gets to decide if an instance of the type should be allocated on the thread s stack or in the application s heap. In managed code, the developer defining the type indicates where instances of the type are allocated; the developer using the type has no control over this. The following code and Figure 5 1 demonstrate how reference types and value types differ:
The Services console is a graphical administration tool that you can open by clicking Start, selecting Administrative Tools, and then clicking Services. To access controls for the DCHP Server service, double-click the DHCP server node in the list of services in the details pane. This procedure opens the DHCP Server Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 7-6.
Appendix B
Adding a new drive or partition to an SBS server is straightforward. First, obviously, you need to physically install and connect the drive. If you have a hot-swappable backplane and array, you don t even have to shut the system down to accomplish this task. If you re using conventional drives, however, you need to shut down and turn off the system. After the drive is installed and the system is turned on again, SBS automatically recognizes the new hardware and makes it available. If the disk is a basic disk that is already partitioned and formatted, you can use it immediately. If it s a brand new disk that has never been partitioned or formatted, you need to prepare it rst. If it s a dynamic disk or disks, but from another computer, you can use it as soon as you import it. If the disk is a basic disk that has already been formatted, you aren t prompted to upgrade it to a dynamic disk. If the disk has never been used before, the Initialize And Convert Disk Wizard prompts you.
Why This Matters
SELECT name, dbo.LISL(ID) AS LISL FROM dbo.Locations;
Routines are composed of individual statements, data, control structures, comments all the things discussed in the other parts of the chapter. This section provides layout guidelines unique to routines.
="Class: "&IF(rS2.ClassSel<11, rS2.ClassSel&" n = "&TEXT(rS2.Count_n,"#,##0"), n = "&TEXT(rS2.Count_n,"#,##0")) "All
24 Silverlight and ASP.NET
1. In the Default Solution window, expand the Entities node, and then expand the Activity node. 2. Click Views from the Activity entity in the navigation pane. 3. Click New on the grid toolbar to create a view. 4. In the View Properties dialog, type the view name My Direct Reports Overdue Activities and then click OK.
// One thread performs all this work sequentially foreach (var item in collection) DoWork(item);
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