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Now, if an application s thread enters into an infinite loop, Windows will periodically preempt that thread, assign a different thread to an actual CPU, and let this other thread run for a while . This other thread could be Task Manager s thread and now, the end user can use Task Manager to kill the process containing the thread that is in an infinite loop . When doing this, the process dies and all the data it was working on is destroyed, too, but all other processes in the system continue to run just fine without losing their data . Of course, the user doesn t have to reset the machine and reboot, so context switches are required to provide end users with a much better overall experience at the cost of performance . In fact, the performance hit is much worse than you might think . Yes, a performance hit occurs when Windows context switches to another thread . But the CPU was executing another thread, and the previously running thread s code and data reside in the CPU s caches so that the CPU doesn t have to access RAM memory as much, which has significant latency associated with it . When Windows context switches to a new thread, this new thread is most likely executing different code and accessing different data that is not in the CPU s cache . The CPU must access RAM memory to populate its cache so it can get back to a good execution speed . But then, about 30 ms later, another context switch occurs . The time required to perform a context switch varies with different CPU architectures and speed . And the time required to build up a CPU s cache depends on what applications are running in the system, the size of the CPU s caches, and various other factors . So it is impossible for me to give you an absolute figure or even an estimate as to what time overhead is incurred for each context switch . Suffice it to say that you want to avoid using context switches as much as possible if you are interested in building high-performing applications and components . Important At the end of a time-slice, if Windows decides to schedule the same thread again
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C. Configure the public interface in the NAT routing protocol to use a starting address
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C ha p t e r 1 7 n U S e F U L r U B Y LI B r a r I e S a N D G e M S
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INSERT INTO Production.SuppliersProducts_Since (supplierid, productid, since) VALUES (1, 22, 9);
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23 Assembly Loading and Reflection
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Element <protocols>
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Note Unlike a remote access connection, a demand-dial connection does not automatically create a default route. You need to create routes on both sides of the demand-dial connection so that traffic can be routed to and from the other side of the demand-dial connection. You can manually add static routes to the routing table, or you can use rout ing protocols. For persistent demand-dial connections, you can enable Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) or Routing Information Protocol (RIP) across the demand-dial connection. Do not use dynamic routing on on-demand con nections doing so can cause a condition known as flapping, where the connection will look like a link that is continually activating and deactivating on the network. OSPF and RIP will constantly send out updates to the network to change the routing tables if nonpersistent connections are used. Always use static routes for this on-demand connection, and let the nexthop router beyond the VPN deal with the dynamic routing. For on-demand site-to-site VPN connections, you can automatically update routes through an auto-static RIP update.
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Specifying Directory Path Specifications
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Type=Date Display=Dynamic ControlToValidate="ContractEnds" Operator="DataTypeCheck"> </asp:CompareValidator> The significant attributes here are Type=Date, which indicates that the field should contain a date; ControlToValidate= ContractEnds , which points to the control that should contain the date; and Operator= DataTypeCheck , which tells the .NET Framework that I m just checking that the correct data type has been entered. Finally, several button controls appear toward the bottom of the page. One problem with validator controls is what to do when you just want to get out of the page. For example, when you click the Cancel button, you certainly don t want to force the user to enter valid information in each of the fields containing validators. The answer is to set the CausesValidation attribute of the Cancel button to False. This will disable client and server validation, allowing your server-side button click handler to do what it needs to do. In this example, the server-side button handler for the Cancel button will simply redirect the user back to the RepeaterTest.aspx page. Processing Data Entry The code-behind file for EditCustomer.aspx, EditCustomer.aspx.cs, is shown in Listing 97. Listing 9-7 EditCustomer.aspx.cs, the code-behind file for the Customer Maintenance page
If I had, its Invoke method would have internally looked like this (again, in pseudocode):
2 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
You ll find a directory of sample files with information about dynamization under \Materials\CD_Samples_Index.xlsx. The Functions.xlsx file is a filterable Excel table, in which 114 functions are listed . They have been allocated grouping assignments to enable you to easily create your own groupings organized by topic using sorting processes and/or filters . The ID 1 column is used for the same purpose . You can insert and store any type of entries that will facilitate filtering oriented towards your own purposes .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
The result is a list of the columns and their values in the DataReader, as shown here.
Con guring Print Spooling
Notice that in the @ Page directive, the MasterPageFile attribute is set to the master page, Site.master. Inside this same directive is the title attribute. This allows you to set the actual title for the content page. This title will be used when the master page and content page are merged and output to the browser.
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