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Lesson 2
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SELECT DISTINCT C.companyname AS customer, S.companyname AS supplier FROM Sales.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN Sales.Orders AS O ON O.custid = C.custid LEFT OUTER JOIN Sales.OrderDetails AS OD ON OD.orderid = O.orderid
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1.23.ToString("P4") = 123.0000 % 1.234567.ToString("p2") = 123.46 %
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Theme attributes in the @ Page directive <pages Theme= themeName > elements in the <system.web> section of a Web.config file Local control attributes StyleSheetTheme attributes in the @ Page directive <pages StyleSheetTheme= themeName > elements in a Web.config file
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public interface IDisposable { void Dispose(); }
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Properties are represented by the System.Reflection.PropertyInfo class; the members of this class are listed in Table 12-8.
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#include <stdio.h> #using <mscorlib.dll> using namespace System; // For printf // For managed types defined in this assembly // Easily access System namespace types
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handled by .NET Remoting; the user is responsible only for higher-level aspects such as actual network paths or the URLs used to set up the communication.
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By using the Add Or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel to add and remove Windows components, you can extend the networking functionality of Windows Server 2003. To access these additional Windows components, open Add Or Remove Programs in Control Panel, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components. This process opens the Windows Components Wizard. Figure 1-13 shows the Windows Components page of this wizard.
27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
In simple terms, this interpolation is achieved by calculating additional values between two known points . These values can, in turn, be used to show how the unknown (unmeasured points) could be positioned . In the example (similarly when drawing a straight line in an Excel line chart), it is assumed that there is a uniform, oscillating, harmonious distribution of the intermediate values; namely, the hidden values between known or measured data points . As a result, the entire line becomes smooth and does not run in a zigzag manner that would be the result of straight connections between known points . There are several different interpolation procedures as well as some associated mathematical problems and application difficulties . However, these do not play any role in our context . Example 3
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