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Subqueries, Table Expressions, and Ranking Functions
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Grouping Sets Algebra
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No memory corruption has occurred here because the memory for the FileStream object still exists; it s just that the object can t successfully execute its methods after it is explicitly disposed . Important When defining your own type that implements the dispose pattern, be sure to write
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<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets="Demo"> <UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\..\Examples.Tasks.dll" TaskName="TempFile" /> <Target Name="Demo"> <TempFile> <Output ItemName="TestFile" TaskParameter="TempFilePath" /> </TempFile> <Message Text="TestFile: @(TestFile)" /> <Message Text="TestFile.Filename: @(TestFile->'%(Filename)')" /> <Message Text="TestFile.Extension: @(TestFile->'%(Extension)')" /> </Target> </Project>
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security roles from that form. Keep in mind that you must have another form of the same type indicated as the fallback for this to work correctly.
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Enter your credit card number
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It s not easy to say you re out of luck if you want to print a worksheet, but that s the truth. You can print the web page that contains the worksheet, but you cannot print the contents of the web part. If you need to do that, export the workbook to Excel (click the Export to Excel button on the toolbar) and print it from there. If a worksheet is too big (too many columns or rows) to fit in Excel, you ll first have to divide it up into multiple worksheets before you export it.
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Local v. Network Printers
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29. Browse to the \Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools folder, click
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To make all locations on Contoso, LTD. branch offices reachable, the following static route is created:
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Creating a Firewall Policy
Encrypting web.con g
on the join columns: SELECT * INTO dbo.MyOrders FROM dbo.Orders; SELECT * INTO dbo.MyOrderDetails FROM dbo.[Order Details];
Managing Current Video State
22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
Data 1 Worksheet
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