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Lakos, John. Large-Scale C++ Software Design, Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 1996. Lakos argues that a system s physical design its hierarchy of files, directories, and libraries significantly affects a development team s ability to build software. If you don t pay attention to the physical design, build times will become long enough to undermine frequent integration. Lakos s discussion focuses on C++, but the insights related to physical design apply just as much to projects in other languages. Myers, Glenford J. The Art of Software Testing. New York: John Wiley, 1979. This classic testing book discusses integration as a testing activity.
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17. Unusual Control Structures
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Click Edit to open the Edit Forwarders dialog box shown in Figure 19-9.
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They can be changed indirectly when you manipulate a control or perform an action in relation to it, or when you use the control to manipulate or perform an action in relation to another object . Example: You use the mouse to change the width and height of the object . This determines the Width and Height properties . You can also explicitly define (or change) these properties in a dialog box . They can be changed directly when you explicitly define them in a dialog box . Example: You enter the range name of a cell in the LinkedCell text box . All controls (both form controls and ActiveX controls) are graphical objects . As such, they have the same properties shared by all graphical objects in Microsoft Office .
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The Properties Files
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Open Visual Studio and create a new website called CustomControlLab by using your preferred programming language. This website will serve to host the custom control on a page. Add an ASP.NET Server Control project to your solution. Name this project myCustomControls. Rename ServerControl1 to stateListControl by right-clicking the file in Solution Explorer and choosing Rename. When asked if you would like to rename the class and reference, select Yes. Open the StateListControl class file. Delete the Text property and the RenderContents method.
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Default global groups are created to encompass common types of accounts. By default, these groups do not have inherent rights; an administrator must assign all rights to the group. However, some members are added to these groups automatically, and you can add more members based on the rights and permissions you assign to the groups. Rights can be assigned directly to the groups or by adding the default global groups to domain local groups. Table 9-3 lists the commonly used default global groups.
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FIGURE 16-5 Selecting backup items
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to make life easier and safer for developers, the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace includes a class called SafeHandle, which looks like this (I ve added comments in the methods to indicate what they do):
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USE Performance; CREATE ASSEMBLY RegExp FROM 'C:\RegExp\RegExp\bin\Debug\RegExp.dll';
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) WPA is a newer, stronger encryption scheme that was specifically designed to overcome weaknesses of WEP. On a small network that uses WPA, clients and access points use a shared network password (called a pre-shared key, or PSK) that consists of a 256-bit number or a passphrase that is between 8 and 63 bytes long. (A longer passphrase produces a stronger key.) With a sufficiently strong key based on a truly random sequence, the likelihood of an outside attack is very, very slim. Most network hardware that supports the 802.11g standard also supports WPA. With older hardware, you might be able to add WPA compatibility via a firmware upgrade. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Based on the 802.11i standard, WPA2 provides the strongest protection yet for wireless networks. It uses 802.1x based authentication and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption; combined, these technologies assure that only authorized users can access the network, and that any intercepted data cannot be deciphered. WPA2 comes in two flavors: WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise. WPA2-Personal uses a passphrase to create its encryption keys, and is currently the best available security for wireless networks in homes and small offices. WPA2-Enterprise requires a server to verify network users. WPA2 can work with all flavors of Wi-Fi, including 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a. (WPA2 support will undoubtedly be included in 802.11n devices also when the specification is finalized in 2007.) All wireless products sold since early 2006 must support WPA2 in order to bear the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED label.
MMC Consoles and UAC
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Table 11-3: Events of the XmlSerializer Class Event Description UnknownAttribute Fires when the deserializer encounters an XML attribute of unknown type. UnknownElement Fires when the deserializer encounters an XML element of unknown type. Fires when the deserializer encounters any XML UnknownNode node, including Attribute and Element. Fires when the deserializer encounters a recognized UnreferencedObject type that is not used. Occurs during the deserialization of a SOAP-encoded XML stream. (More on this topic in the section "Deserializing XML Data to Objects," on page 496.)
An instance of the DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration class holds the configuration information for a Diagnostics Monitor, exposing it through a series of properties such as DiagnosticInfrastructureLogs, Directories, Logs, PerformanceCounters, and WindowsEventLog. The Directories, PerformanceCounters, and WindowsEventLog properties expose a DataSources collection that specifies the items to monitor. Each data source you add can be configured using properties specific to the type and common properties that set the buffer quota and transfer interval. The following example updates the initial default configuration by setting the polling interval (the interval at which the Diagnostics Monitor will check for configuration changes which is, by default, every minute), and the buffer quota for diagnostic logs. Then it adds to the configuration a performance counter and two Windows Event logs.
instance. The ripped files are saved in that new folder. Figure 16-7 shows what the Rip tab looks like while you re copying tracks to CD.
This interface s Format method is called whenever StringBuilder s AppendFormat needs to obtain a string for an object . You can do some pretty clever things inside this method that give you a great deal of control over string formatting . Let s look inside the AppendFormat method to see exactly how it works . The following pseudocode shows how AppendFormat works:
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