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Windows PowerShell
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Core Facilities
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Part V
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Lesson 1: Creating User Controls
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Figure 9-1 The Help And Support home page has austere naigation and search tools, along with links to a ariety of resources. Many computer manufacturers add their own links and content to this page.
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Windows Error Reporting maintains a history of the untoward events it has witnessed on your system. To review the log, open Control Panel and click System And Maintenance. Then, under the heading Problem Reports And Solutions, click View Problem History. Figure 23-3 shows a portion of the error history for a computer that has been heavily used in a production environment.
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Degrees of Formality
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Adding data to your table should be a trivial task, given that you know the data that needs to be inserted. As pointed out earlier, you can find the SQL scripts in the book s code in the Source Code/Download section of the Apress web site ( Note how we escaped the special characters in the category descriptions, such as the single quotes, which need to be doubled, so PostgreSQL will know to interpret that as a quote to be added to the description, instead of a string termination character. When manually adding values to fields whose values would otherwise be generated by sequences, you need to manually update the sequence because the sequences are separate database objects that aren t automatically updated if they aren t used to generate data. If you don t change the sequence, it would probably end up generating values that have already been added to the database, and some or all of your INSERT commands would end up throwing errors.
FontSize="11" Width="75" Margin="5" /> 11. Run the application to see the effect. It should look like Figure 10-5.
The most important characteristic of the Information Bar is that it doesn t require your attention. If you aren t interested in loading an ActiveX control (perhaps because you landed on the site by accident after mistyping a web address), you can ignore the Information Bar completely. If you do want to approve the activity it s warning you about, you need to click the Information Bar to display its menu and then choose the appropriate menu option. In all, you should always have at least two opportunities to decline an unwanted software installation, and users with standard accounts will be prohibited from installing any such programs without providing an administrator s password.
The most obvious bene t of your story template is that you can now see all of your ideas in one place and quickly grasp how each idea relates to the others. A printout of your story template at this point will guide you through an initial reading of your story to make sure that everything sounds right. Review your story template before you print it. If it extends over multiple pages, you might need to split Act II into separate scenes that each t on a page. To do this, position the cursor in any cell in a Key Point column, and on the Table Tools tab, click Layout; and then in the Merge group, click Split Table to split that row from the row above. If you change your mind, click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. As this book describes, the story template is the hard-working intellectual and structural engine that makes everything in your PowerPoint presentation work, or not. It is the
Displaying an Archived Log File
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5. List the names and initials of all employees, except for R. Jones. Solution 4-5a. Using Parentheses SQL> select ename, init 2 from employees 3 where not (ename = 'JONES' and init = 'R'); ENAME -------SMITH ALLEN WARD JONES MARTIN INIT ----N JAM TF JM P
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