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For the most part, all three deployment options offer nearly identical functionality, so customers can select which model they want based on their personal preference. However, some differences do exist. One of the main differences between on-premises and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployments is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses Windows Live ID for user authentication, and on-premises uses Active Directory. More Info Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online currently uses Windows Live ID as the
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Understanding TCP/IP
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31. Layout and Style
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From the WDP shown you can see that all the values entered through the Visual Studio UI are indeed captured in MSBuild format. Because of this you can easily customize and/or extend the process. In fact, in this example the output path has been customized using the OutputPath property to be Out_01\$(Con guration)\. This le is similar to a C# or VB .NET project in the sense that another le, Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets, which de nes the build process, is imported. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the Web Deployment Projects, you should take a look at that le.
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DELETE FROM @MyOD WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Sales.OrderDetails AS OD WHERE OD.orderid = @MyOD.orderid AND OD.productid = @MyOD.productid);
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I covered many aspects of joins and set operations and demonstrated new querying techniques that you might nd handy. Remember that the comma-based syntax for cross and inner joins is part of standard SQL and is fully supported by SQL Server. However, when you intend to write an inner join but you forget to specify the join predicate in the WHERE clause, you get a Cartesian product. For this reason and for consistency s sake, I recommended that you stick to the ANSI SQL-92 join syntax with the JOIN keyword. SQL Server has native operators for the UNION, UNION ALL, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT set operations. It also provides other tools that allow simple solutions for achieving EXCEPT ALL and INTERSECT ALL.
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Intent shared (IS) Shared (S) Update (U) Intent exclusive (IX) Shared with intent exclusive (SIX) Exclusive (X)
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Part I Fundamentals
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Visual Basic TimeLabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString
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In Team Foundation Server 2008, the Team Build functionality is exposed via the IBuildServer interface. You can t directly create an instance of IBuildServer (because it is an interface) but the TeamFoundationServer class has a GetService method that returns a concrete implementation that you can use:
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Point-and-click customization interface for forms, fields, system views, dashboards, and charts. Plug-in model that allows customers to develop custom .NET assemblies to execute complex business logic. Web service interfaces to help simplify integration with external systems and applications. User interface customization tools that allow customers to streamline the system to meet their specific needs. Solution framework that supports ease of bundling, moving, and upgrading different customization sets across systems. Workflow engine and web-based workflow rule designer to automate business processes.
The Interlocked methods are great but they mostly operate on Int32 values . What if you need to manipulate a bunch of fields in a class object atomically In this case, we need a way to stop all threads but one from entering the region of code that manipulates the fields . Using Interlocked methods, we can build a thread synchronization lock:
Figure 8-10
<DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="rect" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(Canvas.Left)" AutoReverse="True" Duration="0:0:5" />
ID attribute.
Managing Connectivity
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