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<script runat="server"> void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlDataSource ds = new SqlDataSource(); ds.ConnectionString = SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= ;"; ds.DataSourceMode = SqlDataSourceMode.DataSet; ds.SelectCommand = SELECT customerid, companyname FROM customers + WHERE country=@TheCountry"; ds.SelectParameters.Add( TheCountry", USA );
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Note that although Line1 just touches the Area2 polygon, the two objects still intersect each other . We can also test for the opposite of intersection, disjointness, using the STDisjoint() method:
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Consider working with your team to structure your ideas in Act II. By connecting a projector to your computer, you can display a number of software tools that allow you to work with your team to develop your Act II headlines. Or you can build your own tables or logic trees using Microsoft Of ce Visio 2007, Microsoft Of ce OneNote 2007, or PowerPoint 2007 s organization chart feature.
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abbrev provides a single method that s accessible in two ways: either directly through Abbrev::abbrev, or as an added method to the Array class. Let s look at the most basic example first: require 'abbrev' require 'pp' pp Abbrev::abbrev(%w{Peter Patricia Petal Petunia})
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AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AssemblyResolve += (sender, args) => { String resourceName = "AssemblyLoadingAndReflection." + new AssemblyName(args.Name).Name + ".dll"; using (var stream = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(resourceName)) { Byte[] assemblyData = new Byte[stream.Length]; stream.Read(assemblyData, 0, assemblyData.Length); return Assembly.Load(assemblyData); } };
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operands to Object first) because one of the operands types could overload the == operator, giving it semantics other than identity . As you can see, the .NET Framework has a very confusing story when it comes to object equality and identity . By the way, System.ValueType (the base class of all value types) does override Object s Equals method and is correctly implemented to perform a value equality check (not an identity check) . Internally, ValueType s Equals is implemented this way: 1. If the obj argument is null, return false . 2. If the this and obj arguments refer to objects of different types, return false . 3. For each instance field defined by the type, compare the value in the this object with the value in the obj object by calling the field s Equals method . If any fields are not equal, return false . 4. Return true . Object s Equals method is not called by ValueType s Equals method . Internally, ValueType s Equals method uses reflection (covered in 23, Assembly Loading and Reflection ) to accomplish step #3 above . Since the CLR s reflection mechanism is slow, when defining your own value type, you should override Equals and provide your own implementation to improve the performance of value equality comparisons that use instances of your type . Of course, in your own implementation, do not call base.Equals . When defining your own type, if you decide to override Equals, you must ensure that it adheres to the four properties of equality:
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Regardless of his or her expert credentials, the expert s actions in a Remote Assistance session are governed by the privileges assigned to the novice user s account. When connecting to a machine belonging to a user with a standard user account, for instance, you might be unable to edit the registry or make necessary configuration changes unless you can supply the password for an administrator account on the novice s computer. The setting of the check box shown in Figure 9-12 determines what happens whenever a User Account Control (UAC) prompt (that is, the secure desktop) appears on the novice s computer:
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Naming Constants
840 ChAPTER 14
A great portion of the time testing a database-driven Web application is spent checking the contents of a relational database. While most databases provide tools to work with the data, it is convenient to be able to create, query, modify, and delete database tables from within an IDE. There are several open source database plug-ins for Eclipse.
Object o = new Object(); // Creates a new Object object Employee e = o as Employee; // Casts o to an Employee // The cast above fails: no exception is thrown, but e is set to null. e.ToString(); // Accessing e throws a NullReferenceException.
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