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FIGURE 4-8 Zooming feature in graphical showplan
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Allocating Resources from the Managed Heap
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Using Connection Manager for Quarantine Control and Certificate Provisioning
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Extending your desktop across two or more monitors can be a great way to increase your productivity. You can do your main work on one screen and keep auxiliary information, e-mail, or even Windows Media Player open and visible on the second. Or if you work with large spreadsheets or database tables, you can spread them across multiple screens so that you can see more data without having to set your resolution to stratospheric levels. If your display adapter supports two monitors (these days, most do), the Display Settings dialog box will show two boxes, labeled 1 and 2, whether or not you have a second monitor connected. Assuming you do have two monitors, you can click these boxes to configure them independently. If adjusting the settings for monitor 1 appears to be affecting what you consider to be monitor 2, click the Identify Monitors button. Windows will display large white numerals on your screen temporarily to let you know which screen is which. If it happens that screen 2 is on the left of screen 1, you can drag the boxes in the Display Settings dialog box so that they match the physical layout of your monitors.
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There are many sites on the Internet dedicated to managing open source projects and providing news concerning open source. The Jakarta project ( is a collection of Java projects referred to as subprojects. Many of the subprojects are frameworks that can be incorporated into applications. For example, regular expressions are covered by the Jakarta Commons project. Other subprojects are intended for web development, and some are development tools. As projects mature and become mainstream, they might be promoted to top-level projects such as Ant, which is at The XML projects are a collection of subprojects for creating, parsing, and transforming XML documents.
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In Solution Explorer, right-click your website and select Property Pages. Click the Accessibility node. Figure 6-7 shows an example.
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Click Open Files in the Shared Folders console tree to see a list of shared files that are currently open for other users, as shown in Figure 13-9.
You can learn more about Hpricot and the syntaxes and styles it supports on the official site, at Hpricot is a work in progress, and its feature set is likely to have grown since the publishing of this book.
The actual installation of Windows Small Business Server 2008 has been signi cantly simpli ed compared to earlier versions of SBS. The initial installation of the operating system asks fewer questions, and the installation of the SBS portion also asks far fewer questions. Plus both can be automated or semi-automated using answer les. We ll walk through a basic installation rst and then address customizations, advanced settings, and automation.
You can also specify per-site privacy settings by clicking Sites on the Privacy tab of the Internet Options dialog box. The Per Site Privacy Actions dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 27-11 on the next page. To allow or block all cookies from a site, enter the site s address and then click Allow or Block. As you add settings for individual sites, the sites will be listed in the Managed Websites portion of the dialog box.
Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
Although using PowerPoint helped win the day in Angleton for the plaintiff, that particular story is not yet over. The $253 million verdict would be reduced to $26.1 million according to caps on such verdicts placed by Texas law, and the case is under appeal. Later the pharmaceutical company s market capitalization recovered. But what was unlocked in Angleton that July day was an example of the dramatic results an effective PowerPoint approach can have on a single presentation in a single room with a single audience. The BBP approach had never been used in a courtroom before the Angleton trial, but since that day, its impact is still reverberating through the legal profession. Today, if a legal team faces a courtroom opponent who is using BBP, they know that they have to somehow respond and raise the bar of their own presentations. Legal teams that have faced opponents using BBP in the courtroom have started to adopt the story themes and graphics that the other side uses. For example, in trials against the pharmaceutical company that followed the Angleton verdict, the defense lawyers began using the CSI theme in their presentations. When Mark faced them again, he used techniques to counter what the defense lawyers did, raising the bar even higher. The same sorts of impacts are being felt in other professions as well, as BBP begins to transform the status quo for presenters everywhere. As you consider applying BBP to your own presentations in this book, it might seem hard to imagine how to apply these types of techniques to your speci c profession. But beyond lawyers and law rms, many people in many other professions and organizations are accomplishing signi cant results with this new approach, including presenters in major corporations, governmental agencies, universities, research rms, and nonpro t organizations. Within these groups, people use BBP in a wide range of functions such as marketing, sales, training, and education. In this book, you ll nd examples of presentations from different elds and for different purposes so that you can see how you can apply BBP to your own situation. Everything Mark and many others have accomplished using the BBP approach is explained in detail in this book. In 2, you ll learn the underpinnings of BBP along
Setting a Logon Password
Graphical Objects
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