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(8) (1) (3) (2) (4) (5) (6) (7) (10) SELECT (9) DISTINCT (11) <TOP_specification> <select_list> FROM <left_table> <join_type> JOIN <right_table> ON <join_condition> WHERE <where_condition> GROUP BY <group_by_list> WITH {CUBE | ROLLUP} HAVING <having_condition> ORDER BY <order_by_list>
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Several results follow from the de nition of the complement:
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In the code behind, you can then easily add the items that are displayed when the user types by binding a collection to the ItemsSource property. As an example we can bind to a simple string array containing colors.
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5 . . Notice how the GridView shows only the single property grabbed from each TechnologyDescriptor . Now update the query statement to include the whole TechnologyDescriptor structure . It should look like this:
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Figure 26-1 shows the various data structures that make up the worker threads part of the thread pool . The ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem method and the Timer class always queue work items to the global queue . Worker threads pull items from this queue using a first-in-first-out (FIFO) algorithm and process them . Since multiple worker threads can be removing items from the global queue simultaneously, all worker threads contend on a thread synchronization lock to ensure that two or more threads don t take the same work item . This thread synchronization lock can become a bottleneck in some applications, thereby limiting scalability and performance to some degree .
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Writing the parameters is as easy as writing strings to this StreamWriter:
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Figure 11-11 Only one data point is shown from a possible 24 .
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Part II:
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In this case, ASP .NET looks to the CodeFile directive to figure out what code to compile . ASP .NET expects to find a partial class to implement the page s logic . Partial classes let you split the definition of a type (class, struct, or interface) between multiple source files, with a portion of the class definition living in each file . Compiling the source code files generates the entire class . This is especially useful when working with generated code, such as that generated by Visual Studio . You can augment a class without going back and changing the original code . Visual Studio .NET 2010 prefers the code-beside/partial class code representation . The following short listings, Listing 2-1 and Listing 2-2, show two files that implement a singular class named SplitMe .
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
I want to thank many friends who contributed to the quality of this book by reviewing it and providing their feedback. Cary Millsap and Jocke Treugut, two good friends and members of the OakTable network, were my main reviewers. Cary helped me with his constant focus on doing things right from the very beginning, and Jocke helped me find the right balance between theory and practice. Martin Jensen, one of my good old friends inside Oracle and an Oakie as well, provided precisely the feedback I needed from his impressive Oracle consulting background. Stephen Cannan, my colleague in the Dutch national body for the SQL Standardization and the convenor of the international ISO / IEC / JTC1 / SC32 / WG3 committee, commented on my draft chapters based on his vast experience in the SQL standardization area. Kristina Youso, a former colleague and good friend from my years in Global Curriculum Development in Oracle and one of the best content editors I have ever worked with, was so kind to check and improve my English language. Last, but not least, I must mention the professionalism and enthusiasm of all the Apress folks involved in the production of this book: Tony Davis, Beckie Stones, Marilyn Smith, and Kelly Winquist. Thanks folks . . . My two daughters are too old to be mentioned here, the cat was not involved in any way, and I leave it up to Mogens N rgaard to say something nice about my wife, Juliette. Lex de Haan from first edition I am honored to be part of the team to update this book and maintain Lex's legacy. Thank you Juliette for your support in this project and for my last visit with Lex. Lex was a professional colleague and friend. I cherish the all too brief times we spent together at conferences and our email conversations. I want to thank Jonathan Gennick and James Markham with Apress who worked very hard to make this book possible and were very tolerant and understanding of the trials and tribulations of a first time author. Your patience and perseverance were invaluable. This project would not have been possible without Inger, Karen and Tim. Thank you for your time and energy. The discussions, reviews, last minute emails have been so very important and are greatly appreciated. Over the years, many people have supported, enlightened, educated and challenged me. Thank you to Tim, Vincent, Kirti, Rachel, Mogens, Cary, Jonathan, Carol, Craig, Lex, Kurt, Robyn, and fellow members of the Oak Table. Thanks to BD for encouraging me to make the leap to Oracle. Family and friends make everything possible. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done and continue to do. The constant support of E, Janet, Sujeeva, and Roberta is invaluable. Thank you Beverly for all your support, understanding, and love over these months. Daniel Fink
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